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Diamonds Aren't Just for Engagement Rings

PSA: We’re no longer saving special things for special occasions.

Wear your silks, burn your fancy candles, and spray your favorite fragrance any day of the week. On a similar note, we’re also not waiting on anyone to get what we want. That means taking pleasure in doing things for ourselves, from going on solo dates to finally tapping “checkout” on the diamond ring we’ve been eyeing. And luckily, we have a new batch of diamond rings that are anything but ordinary. 

We’ve said it before (and we’ll say it again), fine jewelry means more when you buy it for yourself: “The Bold Diamond Half Eternity Ring is the second diamond ring I’ve ever purchased for myself," reads one of our reviews from Nicole C. "This ring truly represents Mejuri’s mission of helping women become more comfortable with buying jewelry (in particular diamonds) to celebrate ourselves. In a world where women are socialized to wait for someone to deem us worthy of receiving diamonds… there’s something so empowering about seeing a diamond you want, and making it happen.”

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Here’s to finding your next unique sparkler and mastering how to style it.


A diamond ring is timeless. Since you’ll love, wear, and hold on to it for life, make sure it’s an enduring, high-quality design. Repeat after us: Our rings are handcrafted in traceable 14k solid gold (more than 70% are made with Certified Recycled Gold) and set with responsibly sourced diamonds that are Kimberley Process Certified.



An untraditional diamond, as chosen by you, represents your distinct style. For a seamless fit with the rest of your pieces, try a cluster of shimmering diamonds instead of a typical single stone. The Pavé Diamond Cushion Ring and Pavé Diamond Round Ring are easy, artful pieces that you can wear solo or layer to recreate @mimixn’s sculptural stack.



You guessed it, more pavé pieces—because it’s just that versatile. For a stack that says “I know exactly what I’m doing,” layer a standout style like the Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Ring with the Pavé Diamond Thin Dôme Ring and London Dôme Ring. @midnightbee seals it with a Pavé Diamond Wishbone Ring.



There are all kinds of occasions worth memorializing with a diamond. Whether it’s getting a new place, your birthday, a promotion… or just because you feel like it (remember that bit about not saving special things for special occasions?). The beauty of celebrating yourself is that it needs no explanation.

You can make your shiny adornments look extra intentional with a matching set, and @ekunwoo’s got it right. Link a statement-maker like the Pavé Diamond Soft Charlotte Ring with the Pavé Diamond Bold Hoops, Charlotte Ring and Charlotte Hoops to keep it cohesive.


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