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‘Be A Risk Taker’: Richie Shazam Celebrates Pride with our Collectibles Drop

For the month of June, we’ll be matching donations to PFLAG CanadaThe Trevor Project and Stonewall in support of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Learn more in-stores across the globe.

If not for her style alone, multi-hyphenate style stalwart Richie Shazam’s greatest strength might be her sensibility. Not only does she consider fashion a tool which many LGTBQ2S+ people use to access their inner strength, but she’s harnessed that know-how in almost every step of her career as a means to pay it forward, helping others realize their true selves on the outside, too.

Her big break might have come on Vivienne Westwood’s runway, but she’s also since co-hosted Shine True, a show on Fuse that saw Shazam helping non-binary or transgender people explore their inner identity and passions through style. Her unique take on portraiture has seen her collaborate with dozens of fashion designers who are making the industry a more diverse and inclusive place. And her upcoming film Savitree is an ode to her upbringing and a celebration of the family she’s found along the way.

With such a personal consideration for every aspect of a look, Shazam is the perfect person to showcase our latest Collectibles drop and why every piece of your outfit also acts as a small part of yourself.

Tell us who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.
I’m Richie Shazam and I’m a born and raised New Yorker. I am an artist, model and photographer that is constantly pushing the envelope and working towards creating space for everyone. For me, creativity is the ultimate release and allows me to unapologetically express all the facets of my identity. It is imperative for us to use our platforms to connect and build community with our message.

How would you describe your personal style? Who or what has influenced you over the years?
My personal style is eclectic. It’s been impacted by my sisters and we share many pieces that are filled with memories. I love putting together powerful outfits that evoke my energy and spirit. When I leave the house, it is important for me to dress for myself and to feel prepared for the outside world.

Richie Shazam wears Paperclip Chain Charm Necklace, Baby Box Chain Necklace, Biwa Pearl Charm, Malachite Drop Charm and Pavé Diamond Star Charm

Debunk a myth or common preconceived notion about jewelry.
Jewelry isn’t just for special events. It’s an everyday fantasy that adorns and embellishes your spirit. For me, jewelry possesses my own personal history as a lot of my pieces are gifts from loved ones. They mark friendships and special events and when I have them on, it is a token of those loved ones and the intimacy we share.

Richie wears Paperclip Chain Charm NecklaceBaby Box Chain NecklaceBiwa Pearl CharmMalachite Drop CharmPavé Diamond Star Charm and Jenna Lyons Herringbone Chain Necklace

Tell us a time where you used fashion and/or accessories to break the rules or do things your own way.
Every day! Fashion allows me to challenge and question perceptions about identity. I have always been a rule breaker and fashion allows me to challenge how people see us. It is important to be daring, but also comfortable in my skin and fashion has allowed me to do that.

What does Pride mean to you?
Pride is an everyday celebration and I always celebrate the incredible spirits around me that protect and offer care. I am beyond grateful for my community and want my work to reflect the gratitude I have for them.

Richie wears Paperclip Chain Charm Bracelet, Blue Lace Agate Drop Charm and Pearl Drop Charm

What are you listening to right now?
‘Papi Bones’ by FKA Twigs

Favorite Mejuri piece and why?
Daily Hoops, because they make me feel confident and add the extra sparkle to my looks. They go with everything.

What is your superpower?
Being a chameleon.

Your #1 styling rule?
Always to have fun and be a risk taker.

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