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Sustainability Report

We continue to believe that luxury can be synonymous with sustainability and that bold targets will move us closer to our goals. We’re excited to share our 2023 Sustainability Report as we work towards our 2030 Commitments across four key areas: product, planet, people, and philanthropy.



Innovation & Traceability

We believe that the concept of ‘fine jewelry’ goes beyond craftsmanship and style. Every detail of our responsible supply chain counts–from the precious materials we source to the valued partners we work with to bring our high-quality pieces to life.

Manufacturing Suppliers Map

We prioritize working with suppliers independently certified by recognized standards-setting organizations, focusing on health and safety, human rights, fair labor, governance, and environmental protection. 

We’re committed to expanding transparency about our trusted supplier networks to help ensure we continue to create a positive impact through the manufacturing of our fine jewelry.

Manufacturing Suppliers Map Image

Responsibly Sourced Lab Grown Diamonds 

Not all lab grown diamonds are created equally—ours have a clear conscience. They’re certified sustainable and ethical with 100% climate-neutral production in responsible factories.

Lab Grown Diamonds Image

Each of our lab grown diamonds carries the SCS-007 Certificate of Sustainability from SCS Global Services—the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard developed for the diamond sector. This helps ensure the supply chain meets specific criteria related to ethical stewardship and responsible production. Suppliers must demonstrate their commitment to sustainable production, traceability of diamond origins, and investments that support communities and contribute to a safer world. The SCS-007 certification ensures that the individuals involved in the jewelry-making process are treated ethically and responsibly.

Salmon Gold Jewelry Capsule

We have expanded our partnership with RESOLVE's Salmon Gold, which pioneers re-mining gold from Regeneration-associated legacy and abandoned mines while restoring local habitats, ensuring the traceability of each batch. 

This year, we secured our first quantity of Regeneration's Salmon Gold and are transforming it into signature jewelry pieces. This signifies the beginning of yearly capsule collections crafted in 14k gold and featuring the Regeneration logo, a testament to our dedication to sustainability and environmental revitalization. 

Salmon Gold aids in restoring specific Alaska and Yukon Territory habitats and the environment, which supports our commitments to climate positivity and traceability.

Certification with Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark

This year, we achieved Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark certification, which is awarded to brands that demonstrate increasingly high standards in social impact and environmental sustainability. 

To earn it, we had to undergo a comprehensive assessment built on the foundation of international agreements, global frameworks and standards, and potential upcoming legislation—and we will do it all again every two years. It’s a symbol that we stand for difficult work over easy wins, progress over perfection, and will never stop trying to improve. 

Sourcing: It’s All About Balance

We take a balanced approach to sourcing our precious materials. While recycled material improves circularity, it can create challenges in traceability. That's why we have also introduced Salmon Gold, which is gold from re-mining legacy mining waste that is 100% traceable and helps restore the environment.





*Statistics are based on internal Mejuri data.

Similarly, we continue to offer newly mined diamonds that adhere to the highest international standards while introducing SCS-007-certified net zero carbon footprint lab grown diamonds, allowing us to offer our customers high-quality and responsible products at all price ranges.

Product  SDGs: 12 Responsible Consumption & Production, 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions


Push For Climate Positive

We’re committed to bringing beauty into the world rather than taking it away. We aim to make a climate-positive impact through every stage of our process, from materials sourcing to our business operations.

As part of our dedication to preserving the natural beauty of our planet for future generations, we continue to partner with Regeneration on legacy mine site rehabilitation and restoring nature. We’ve also begun sourcing new carbon-neutral precious materials to broaden our product offering.

RESOLVE's Regeneration

This year, we continue as a founding partner of Regeneration, a social enterprise focused on reviving legacy and abandoned mining sites through regenerative methods while concurrently restoring surrounding habitats and ecosystems. As a founding partner, we're collaborating with a diverse team to address long-standing industry and environmental challenges by contributing our expertise to the jewelry sector.

Regeneration plays a vital role in our strategy to be climate-positive by 2030: While many companies have a net-zero goal to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions to match what they generate, at Mejuri, we aspire to surpass this standard, actively seeking methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Regeneration generates positive environmental impacts through conservation and innovation, increasing our supply chain's traceability. 

Regeneration enables us to directly repair the environmental impacts of legacy mining while contributing to the industry’s transformation.

Carbon Neutral Lab Grown Diamonds

This year, we introduced lab grown diamonds made from 100% renewable energy. These diamonds are created in laboratories using advanced techniques to replicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop and allow us to provide high-quality products at various price points. Each to our lab grown diamonds carries the SCS-007 Certificate of Sustainability from SCS Global Services, meaning they have a net zero carbon footprint, playing a huge role in our goal to become climate-positive.

learn more
Carbon Neutral Lab Grown Diamonds Image

Reducing our emissions

As part of our journey to be climate-positive by 2030, we continue to take action to reduce our GHG emissions and be transparent about our progress. The three ‘scopes’ are ways to categorize the different types of carbon emissions a company like ours generates. Below is a year-over-year breakdown detailing the % of Mejuri's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that fall into each category.

Year-over-year comparison Mejuri’s total ghg emissions*




Scope 1



Scope 2


Scope 3




Scope 1



Scope 2


Scope 3




Scope 1



Scope 2


Scope 3

*Statistics are based on internal Mejuri data.

Planet SDGs: 15 Life on Land, 13 Climate Action


Community Inclusion & Social Impact

We strive to create an authentic, connected community where every member influences our culture while emphasizing personal and professional development.

Employee Engagement and Feedback

At Mejuri, we aim to create a workplace where diversity is celebrated, feedback catalyzes change, and personal growth is nurtured.

Since introducing our employee engagement surveys, we’ve maintained a 75% participation rate. Of those who took the surveys, 75% of respondents gave feedback that they agree or strongly agree with statements such as "I know what is expected of me at work” and “I believe that this company can support my career objectives and offer me the opportunity to build new skills."

This year, we are focused on strengthening our values and building a better culture across the organization by defining clear performance standards and rolling out programs that help streamline our retail policies.

Gender equality in the workplace - UNGC Case Study

Mejuri was featured as part of a series of case studies by UNGC Network Canada on gender-responsive strategies, policies, and initiatives addressing the obstacles identified by women and non-binary individuals in the workplace following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This case study reviewed how we support our majority female workforce through fertility and maternal health practices and leave policies. This project resulted in the development of the "Accelerating Systemic Change Toolkit: Gender Equity Solutions for the Workplace."

Diversity Of Our Team

At Mejuri, our team's diversity is integral to our success, and we're constantly looking for ways to grow in this area. The graphs below offer a snapshot of employee gender and ethnicity based on self-reported data.







Preferred Not To Answer


Nonbinary or Transgender







Middle Eastern


Two or More

Preferred not to answer









*Statistics are based on Mejuri internal data from voluntary declarations

Mejuri Id

Since 2020, the Mejuri ID team has continued to celebrate and promote understanding of diverse cultures and identities across Mejuri by honoring observances such as Black History Month, Indigenous History Month, Pride Month, and many others.

Give Back Week

This year, our teams in Toronto and New York City made meaningful contributions through our inaugural Give Back Week in September. In Toronto, we teamed up with the Shoebox Project, putting together shoeboxes filled with essentials for women experiencing homelessness. In New York, we partnered with Dress for Success. Blending our passion for circularity with community impact, we asked our team to bring in gently used, professional clothing to be donated. These events help foster a sense of community and embody our mission toward positive change.

Mejuri Tote Bag Image

PEOPLE SDGs: 5 Gender Equality, 8 Decent Work & Economic Growth


Empowerment Fund & Advocacy

We are committed to leveraging our influence and platform to champion transformative change in our society through our Empowerment Fund, purpose-driven products, corporate giving, and advocacy.

Empowerment Fund

Mejuri is committed to providing women and underrepresented individuals with the tools they need to design the life they want. Through our Empowerment Fund, we provide access to formal and informal education and skills development.

As part of our 2030 Goals, we have committed to giving

$5 million USD

by 2030

Since 2020, we’ve donated

$823,000 USD

in scholarships and advocacy partnerships across the US, Canada, and our supply chain.

Design Thinking Africa

Our collaboration with Design Thinking Africa is the beginning of our Empowerment Fund’s philanthropic endeavors within our international supply chain. The program teaches precision gemstone cutting and polishing to women in Zambia to uplift them and their communities.

Design Thinking Africa Image

10 Zambian Women received polishing scholarships through our partnership with Design Thinking Africa.

The long-term goal of our partnership with Design Think Africa is to upskill women in Zambia so they can promote local economic development by directly supplying Zambian mined and polished stones to jewelers.

The WIE Suite

The WIE Suite Image

This year, we are partnering with The WIE Suite—a private membership community for extraordinary leaders—to provide five women from underrepresented groups with a membership. The WIE Suite helps its members strengthen their careers, leverage their personal brands, and access insight and expertise from their peers.

Products With Purpose

With our collaboration with LUAR, we donated $5.00 USD from each style sold to the Stonewall Community Foundation, an LGBTQIA2S+ rights and justice champion.

100% of the proceeds from our exclusive Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt—crafted from recycled cotton and polyester in Canada—goes to CARE’s SHE SOARS program, helping young women invest in their futures.

For Giving Tuesday, we committed $5.00 USD from each of the first 5,000 orders to CARE, for a total donation of $25,000 USD.

Education + Advocacy

Through scholarships and educational initiatives, we’ve continued supporting various organizations, such as Design Thinking Africa, Indspire, Stop AAPI Hate, and UNCF.

PHILANTHROPY SDGs: 4 Quality Education

Our Commitment to Sustainability is Ongoing—And Here's What's Next In Our Journey 

Continue Reporting Twice A Year

We will update you each year on our progress toward our 2030 Goals.

Moving Toward Climate Positive

Explore more opportunities to decrease emissions with our suppliers and source materials that further our goals.

Expand Traceability

Continue moving toward our goals by increasing the transparency of our supply chain and the traceability of precious materials.

Create More Partnerships

Activate our Empowerment Fund to help people design the life they want through education and skills building.

Download the 2022 report


Sustainable jewelry is a term given to pieces and providers that encourage responsible processes throughout fine jewelry creation. We believe that the concept of ‘fine jewelry’ goes beyond craftsmanship and style. It’s also about the responsible supply chain that sources our precious materials, and the respectful partnerships that help bring our jewelry to life. Our products are built to last. This inherent longevity not only provides our consumers with more value but also helps increase circularity by reducing waste. 

From using conflict-free materials to recycled gold and silver, sustainable jewelry aims to promote a more responsible industry in a healthier environment. Sustainable jewelry also aims to avoid controversial intermediary processes that exploit workers and make parts of the industry dangerous to work in. Using recycled materials and traceable sources uphold Mejuri’s goal of providing sustainable jewelry.

Our trusted partners only use Kimberley Process-compliant diamonds, a system aimed at reducing the flow of conflict rough diamonds.This process has promoted a trading environment for member countries that exclusively trade with other Kimberley Process members.

Recycled gold is found in many places including old, unused, or discarded jewelry pieces and in electronic waste. The more gold we can recycle and inject into the industry, the better the industry—and the planet—will be. There is no difference in quality between recycled and newly-mined gold. With recycled gold, you get the same beautiful shine, with the addition of increased circularity and reduced waste. As a solid element, gold never degrades or loses its integrity, so it looks and feels the same no matter how many times it's recycled. Since 14k gold products make up the majority of our revenue, attaining 95% recycled gold in 2022 represents the largest area for positive impact across our supply chain.

The key ways Mejuri intends to garner the future of sustainable jewelry are through increasing traceability throughout each step of the sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery processes, as well as through regenerative mining.

By increasing traceability, we can encourage a sourcing and trading environment that promotes more responsible processes and practices. The market also faces new strategies to help perpetuate sustainability, such as recycled plastics, and environmentally-friendly packaging techniques.

Mejuri is a proud Founding Partner and the exclusive jewelry sector partner of Regeneration Enterprises. Regeneration is a revolutionary new start-up that uses the re-mining and processing of waste from legacy mine sites to support rehabilitation activities and restore natural environments. Founded by RESOLVE, a Washington DC-based NGO with a proud history of endangered species recovery in the mining space, Regeneration re-mining will have important ecological benefits for our world—all while producing efficiently-mined minerals. 

Through the efforts of Regeneration, we are supporting the repair of habitats and biodiversity while collecting important minerals for use in our products as well as future renewable energy projects. In addition, Regeneration will seek to create and trade biodiversity and carbon credits through the rehabilitation of land and the generation of environmental offsets.

Established in 2005, the RJC is a non-profit encouraging responsible practices throughout the jewelry supply chain. The RJC audits companies for compliance that can then become certified as responsible businesses. Audits are performed on company policy, human and labor rights, environmental impact, and product disclosure. The RJC is significant for the fine jewelry industry because it creates a safer, cleaner environment for workers, products, and customers alike. 

We only work with suppliers who meet our standards. These include RJC certified suppliers as well as a few smaller suppliers. We work hand in hand with smaller players as they improve their sustainability processes.

A helpful analogy might be sustainable food consumption. People can purchase organic-certified foods, but we know that organic certification is most accessible to major producers. People can also purchase from local family farms that are key parts of the community and grow healthy produce with minimal inputs. Most conscious consumers do a mix of both.

We’re in the process of getting certified with Positive Luxury, which covers a bit broader than the jewelry industry standards but provides a strong framework for luxury companies to operate sustainably, and goes above and beyond the RJC.

In 2023, we launched our new Poly Bag Recycling Program. Bags made out of poly, a material that you can’t recycle at the local municipal level, are the standard method of product transport across the entire jewelry industry. These bags had nowhere to go besides landfills—until now. 

Mejuri is assuming the costs of collecting poly bags to be recycled. Soon we’ll have recycling available at retail stores and warehouses in order to keep them out of municipal waste. This is a massive step toward eliminating single-use plastic in our operations, and it’s worth every penny. 

We’ve also worked hard to ensure our packaging is fully recyclable. In 2019, we introduced reusable cotton bags, and in 2021, we introduced a ‘reduced packaging’ option for all online purchases. In the future, we plan on featuring FSC certified materials in our packaging.

Both are important. When you’re dealing with a complex, historically opaque supply chain like jewelry, it’s helpful to have multiple intervention points. We have made great progress reducing emissions that we directly control. There’s also a lot we don’t control across the production of our jewelry, and reducing those emissions takes much longer and is much more complicated. Purchasing renewable credits is something we can do in the short term that has real positive and proactive impact by investing in renewable sources of energy. We continue to work with our suppliers to reduce their emissions and improve our processes.

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