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Artist Cameron Kim’s Ethos Is a Study in Dualities

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If Pride is about the freedom to love, express, and dress beyond boundaries, model and actor Cameron Kim embodies this in everything she does. From her approach to fashion (her interests span from men’s office shirts to lacy, period-inspired silhouettes) to body image (she no longer hides the parts of herself she was insecure about) to jewelry (while she wore our new Vacation Shop collection), her “there are no rules” approach is a study in dualities that we can all learn from. We are only limited insofar as the conventions we choose to follow, after all. 

Tell us who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.
I’m an actor, model and singer; I’m half Korean, half American. I stand for compassion and love in all forms. Love as the Practice of Freedom is one of my favorite essays by Bell Hooks. The way in which I personally try to incorporate ‘love’ in my life is by creating art, whether that is acting, songwriting or painting–even cooking for people.

Cameron Kim wears Croissant Dôme Ring Silver, Heirloom Ring Garnet and Coastal Tagua Bracelet

How would you describe your personal style? Who or what has influenced you over the years?
A lot of the time I feel like a femme fairy cowboy. Some days I would just say simple, romantic. Although, if I could, I would wear my overall shorts every day with a little tank top. But I also have an edge. I like to play around with more ‘masculine’ styles–I steal all of my dad's ‘90s office shirts. As far as influence, as an actor I'm constantly taking inspiration from TV and film. Like, I'm obsessed with period films, so even if it's not ‘period’ attire, I love romantic, lacy silhouettes, and white summer dresses. Another inspiration is my mom in the ‘90s and, honestly, every day.

Cameron wears Coastal Red Agate Bracelet, Coastal Striped Enamel Ring and Coastal Enamel Ring

Debunk a myth or common preconceived notion about jewelry.
I can think of many–but mainly that jewelry is something only feminine and frivolous, indulgent even. I personally think it can be a really beautiful way to connect generationally–through heirlooms, for example. Regardless of age, gender, and sexuality, jewelry is just a beautiful way that people can express themselves. It can also be gifted in a really meaningful way. It can be symbolic of love and spirituality. Also, I firmly believe that silver and gold absolutely can go together. There are no rules.

Cameron wears Coastal Striped Hoops, Coastal Red Agate Necklace, Coastal Tagua Necklace, Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace and Resilience Scarab Coin Pendant

Tell us about a time where you used fashion and/or accessories to break the rules or do things your own way.
I feel as a woman of color who is also curvy, there is an expected way that I should dress and present myself. I used to be really insecure about my body. I would only highlight parts of myself that I thought others would find physically attractive, and essentially hide parts of myself. Now, I think about what I will feel good in and what I want to look like. I don’t hide my stomach, I wear crop tops. I wear slim silhouettes and silks. In my mind, that breaks the rules of how women who look like me should dress. 

What does Pride mean to you?
I just love people. I feel as though I'm constantly in love–with friends, with strangers. As a queer woman, put simply, Pride is unencumbered love and the freedom to express it. It is platonic love, it is romantic love, and it is a deep care for others. 

When it comes to gender and jewelry—what has always been your approach? And what do you think it will take to even further de-gender jewelry?
To me, jewelry has always had way more meaning than just accessories for women. I think that it can have so much meaning beyond that. Most jewelry I own comes from places I have been to, in different periods of my life, or gifted from loved ones. Every country I have ever traveled to, the jewelry is unique and has a cultural significance or religious significance, regardless of gender. Personally, I don’t think jewelry should really have a gendered association. It can be personal and hold immense meaning to a single person or collective. Also, people just want to be cute and express themselves–jewelry is that avenue. 

Cameron wears  Croissant Dôme Hoops Silver, Coastal Striped Hoops, Tiny Pearl Necklace, Coastal Blue Lace Agate Necklace, Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace and Resilience Scarab Coin Pendant

Favorite Mejuri piece?
The Tiny Pearl Necklace for sure–it is so effortless and it pairs so well with other pieces.

Your #1 styling rule?
It may sound silly, but first and foremost, feel good in what I'm wearing–and proud of it, even. Also, you can never go wrong with a ton of rings.


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