Piercing Studio
Come hang out, get pierced and create the perfect stud combo.
Have questions? We’ve got you covered below.
Select 14k yellow gold studs are available for purchase at our Piercing Studio pop-ups, sold individually. Piercings are free with the purchase of a stud.

Flower Stud
14k Solid Gold, Diamond
Cluster Sphere Stud
14k Solid Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

The Piercing Studio

How and when does the Mejuri Piercing Studio operate?
We pop-up one weekend a month offering piercings on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Can I come at any time during the day for a piercing?
Our Piercing Studio is open for the hours indicated on the event. The best way to secure a spot is to come earlier as there is generally a waitlist to be pierced.


Do I have to get a piercing if I want to buy a single stud?
Yes! These studs are sterilized, autoclaved and packaged specifically for piercing.

Who does the piercing and what tools do they use?
We only work with professional piercers. Our piercers are from Dragon Ink in TO and Encrypted Ink/Red Baron Ink in NYC. The piercers only pierce with 20 gauge hypodermic and sterilized needles. All tools used are for one-time-use only, and each stud and needle is sterilized and autoclaved. We use standard 14k butterfly backings for the studs.

How long will the entire process take?
The piercing itself takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the person; however, there is generally a waiting line ahead of piercing due to the popularity of the event.

Can I be pierced anywhere on my lobe?
Yes! Our piercings are lobe only, but anywhere on your lobe is okay. It is totally dependent on your ear!

Am I limited to only one piercing?
Feel free to get as many piercings as you’d like on one or both earlobes!

How will I know how to take care of my piercing after?
You will leave well equipped with a thorough aftercare booklet and the contact info for the piercer, just in case.

Is it possible to buy the earrings first and then come back for the complimentary piercing?
This event requires us to sanitize and autoclave all studs that will be used for piercings. To ensure that the stud packaging hasn't been compromised, we can only sell the studs the day of during the event!


What earrings are available?
Please see above for our curated selection of 14k yellow gold studs available for piercing. The studs are sold individually, so you can purchase just one instead of a pair. The piercing itself is on us and these studs can only be purchased if getting pierced on site.

Can I be pierced with hoops, or is it studs only?
We only pierce with solid 14k gold studs as this is best practice for new piercings - hoops are harder to clean and can pull! You may notice that not all of our studs are included for piercing, and this is because the length of the post may not be long enough. It's common to experience some swelling after getting a piercing, so we just want to ensure the posts are long enough to allow for this!

Is it all yellow gold or can I use white gold/rose gold?
Currently, only 14k yellow gold is available.

Will I receive a jewelry box for my stud?
You will receive a Mejuri jewelry pouch for each stud purchased.

What backings do you use for the studs for piercing?
We use standard 14k butterfly backings.


Will you pierce children?
Yes! Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian to sign for them. You must have ID illustrating that you are their legal guardian.

Can my friend join me even though she isn't getting pierced?
Absolutely! We do limit the number of customers in our Showroom during these events, so the larger your party the longer your wait may be. We can't guarantee entry due to demand.

Do I need to bring my ID?
Yes! Everyone must have a valid government I.D present, regardless of whether you’re under or over 18.

When can a piercer say no to a piercing?
Please note that at all piercing events, our piercers cannot pierce those pregnant or nursing, under the influence or not accompanied by a legal guardian (and both people need government I.D. proving this) if you are under the age of 18.

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