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3 Ways to Make Your White T-shirt “Work”

May 21, 2020Art of the Stack

Mackenzie Yeates knows a thing or two about good essentials because as co-founder of Kotn, that’s exactly what she designs. And while everyday basics have become our go-to uniform, a little golden variation is all you need to switch things up.

The “Full Day, Full Stack”

When you’ve got a full day of meetings and plenty of faces in rectangular boxes to impress, it’s time to slip on some pearls. Paired with a couple of chains? Even better.

The “4 pm Happy Hour” Stack

Almost as fun as the real thing. Or at least your stack is when it involves both mixed metals and textures. Sorry, we couldn’t hear you over the volume of this Chunky Hoop and quadruple chain combo.

The “No Meetings, No Problem” Stack

There’s a time and place for simple, everyday pieces—that is, every day. And nothing nails that sweet spot between “I’m busy” and “at home” better than a subtle 14k solid gold diamond stack.

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