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The Mejuri Team Breaks Down the Piercing You Should Get Next

Our Piercing Studio is reopening soon at select stores and we're almost ready to supplement your lobes and cartilage with all the gold your heart desires. Needless to say, the exciting news has us thinking about piercings, a lot. Whether you have one piercing or five (or none) and are looking to add more to the mix, you’re likely wondering the following: What should you pierce first? Can you get two piercings in one appointment? How many piercings is too many piercings? (Trick question, more is more.) And after all is said and done, how do you style your new piercings? 

Find out how to start or build onto your ear stack journey with some help from some people who really know: our very own Mejuri team whose ears are bedecked and bedazzled each in their own personal way.


At the Piercing Studio you can get up to four lobe piercings in one appointment or a mix of three cartilage and lobe in each ear.


If you’re just dipping your toes (or lobes) in, a starter stack is the perfect place to begin your piercing journey. All it takes is one or two and we’re in business.


Your ear stack should reflect your personal style and if that’s minimalism, start there. You don’t have to stick to lobes only, a lobe piercing plus a cartilage hoop makes an envy-worthy stack. “I personally like my piercings to be slightly asymmetrical, so even though I have three on each side, one ear has a cartilage piercing to add some ‘height’.” -Laura Parent, Project Manager, Retail Expansion


Why have one piercing when you can have them all? “I went from one piercing to three and then to five on each ear. If I have any advice, it’s that the more the merrier. I wanted to go as high up on my lobe as possible before hitting cartilage and had no issues with healing. I’ve stacked five Mini Hoops in each lobe for over two years now and they’re here to stay.” -Stephanie Ling, Content Lead


Precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, garnet and topaz are a great way to stack an already pierced ear. “My biggest tip for styling your earring stack is to go from biggest to smallest! Bigger hoops further down your head and smaller the higher up you get! Incorporate textures, sparkles, and color to make a perfect ear styling!” -Phoebe Poole, San Francisco Stylist


For the seasoned stacker, plan your next piercing with jewelry in mind. “I tend to choose my next piercing locations based on the jewelry I want to wear and how I want to style my ear stack. Next up are some higher lobe piercings to add a few extra mini hoops to my stack!”

—Laura Parent, Project Manager, Retail Expansion

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