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Bolder Is Better: Our Summer Collection Is Here

‘Tis the season of sun-saturated days, languid nights, bare limbs, and–importantly–more ways to be bold. The Vacation Shop has landed and is here to help you focus on soaking up every last drop of summer, and worrying less about your seasonal style game.

Featured above: Coastal Blue Lace Agate Necklace and Coastal Red Agate Necklace

Leading the pack are our tagua pieces and agate beads–each equally steeped in nostalgia but with an elevated edge. Tagua, AKA a plant-based, vegetable ivory, is a throwback to the puka shell pieces of Y2K lore and in a soft ivory that goes well with–well, everything.

Featured above: Coastal Tagua Necklace and Coastal Green Aventurine Bracelet

Our unisex Tagua bead bracelets and necklaces come in Green Aventurine, Red Agate, and Blue Lace Agate to serve up bold pops of color, and our contrasting-stripe enamel pieces give strong coastal vibes, no matter where you are. Feel free to apply the same reverence to collecting them all as you would with childhood friendship bracelets.

Featured above: Coastal Striped Enamel Ring, Coastal Striped Hoops, Coastal Striped Bangle and Coastal Enamel Ring 

Featured above: Coastal Striped Bangle, Coastal Enamel Ring, Coastal Striped HoopsCoastal Striped Enamel Ring

Whatever your summer plans entail, the important takeaway is that summer is a state of mind–and if you’re looking for a sign to embrace your boldest (and best) seasonal persona, this is it. From punchy stacks to beaded statements, turn your OOO on and take your pick from our Summer Collection with choices you can feel confident about–and confident in.


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