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Each month, New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane is here to tell you what the stars have in store.
Each month, New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane is here to tell you what the stars have in store.
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“February is going to be a bit more active and alive than last month. It will push us to grow out of outdated versions of ourselves and evolve in ways we never thought possible.”

- Nadine Jane
“February is going to be a bit more active and alive than last month. It will push us to grow out of outdated versions of ourselves and evolve in ways we never thought possible.”

- Nadine Jane
Bring the heat this Leo season, with the help of something shiny.
aquarius + Aquarius Rising
jan 20-feb 18
It's your month, Aquarius! February is for celebrating everything that makes you who you are—the good, the bad, the magical, and the downright weird. It's time to show off the power that comes from being an individual so that others can be inspired to be unapologetically themselves as well. Stand tall and proud in the internal growth and awareness you've gained this year. You have so much to be proud of.
pisces + Pisces rising
feb 19-mar 20
February is for charging your internal battery, Pisces. No need to rush or overwork yourself this month—you're long overdue for a break from your daily hustle and grind. A bit of rest will go a long way, so don't be shy to bow out of plans so you can get even an extra hour or two of sleep. You may discover that this alone time inspires some of your most innovative breakthroughs in your creativity.
aries + Aries Rising
mar 21-apr 19
February is going to put you in good company, Aries. It’s going to highlight which friendships and connections are helping you work towards your ultimate purpose and potential. Look for the people who allow you to be entirely yourself—the ones who relish in your weird side, encourage your ambitious side, and appreciate your inability to follow the rules. Call on these special individuals this month, and ask them to show up for you in the ways that you need most.
taurus + Taurus rising
apr 20-may 20
This month is about integrating your personal development with your career ambitions. Asking for what you need in your work is never easy—but if you approach these conversations with a sense of rebellious confidence, you may be surprised how many doors you can knock down this month. You have evolved to emotional and spiritual heights you never thought possible, Taurus, so why not find the job to match your current state of being.
gemini + Gemini rising
MAY 21- JUN 20
February is about expanding your consciousness, Gemini. Some months are for putting our head down and doing the practical work, but other months are for looking up at the sky and getting inspired again. Get out of your daily routine and explore all of the ways you experience the magic of life. A beautiful walk in nature. A workshop on spirituality. Or a quick trip somewhere foreign. No matter what you decide to do, make sure it wakes you up.
Cancer + Cancer rising
jun 21-jul 22
February wants you to stop apologizing for who you are, Cancer. It wants you to rebel against the idea that you have to hide your darkness in order to be worthy of acceptance. It wants you to become brave enough to expose your truth to the ones you love, and risk losing the ones who can’t love you in the way you deserve. And really, at the heart of things, this month wants you to be brave enough to love yourself.
Leo + Leo rising
jul 23-aug 22
February wants you to be yourself in partnership, Leo. It wants you to discover your inner-rebel in your relationships—the one who isn't afraid to tell it like it is no matter what your partners may think. Embrace your quirks. Explore your kinks. And share your genius so that you can let others enjoy it as well. Rip off the mask that hides who you truly are. There is nothing more fulfilling than being seen.
virgo + virgo rising
Aug 23-Sept 22
The universe wants you to do February on your terms, Virgo. It wants you to question how you navigate your daily routine. It wants you to get creative with how you can spend your time and energy. And it wants you to let go of the behaviors and obligations that are weighing you down. Imagine how empowering it could feel to free yourself of what you "should do" and begin living your life based on what you would love to do.
libra + Libra rising
SEPT 23-oct 22
February wants you to find the joy in rebellion. Like dressing every day for the person you know you are, rather than the person you think you're expected to be. Or like saying no to that coveted invitation so you can attend the party you can be entirely yourself at. Joy is not about appearances; it is about unbridled creativity and authenticity that is at your disposal when you are willing to let go. So let go, Libra! And have fun.
scorpio + scorpio Rising
oct 23-nov 21
Use this month to reshape the past, Scorpio. The acts of defiance and rebellion from your childhood were not wasted—they gave birth to the strong foundation and sense of self that you have today. But time has a way of pulling us away from ourselves. What do you miss about your younger self that you would like to integrate into your life today? Honor who you used to be so that you can embrace who you are today.
sagittarius + Sagittarius rising
nov 22-dec 21
February is about speaking your truth, Sagittarius. Your rebellious, forward-thinking, and genius truth. Whatever fears and limitations you have had around communication will disappear, inspiring you to have the long-overdue conversations you need with the people that mean the most. Approach these relationships with gentle kindness and generosity, so that each of you can have space for your truth. Actively engage your listening and speaking skills, so you can have the connection you've always wanted.
capricorn + Capricorn rising
dec 22-jan 19
February wants you to take a chance on yourself, Capricorn. By investing in your genius and innovation, the universe will reward you back with the financial freedom you have been seeking. Let your power and inspiration come out of hiding so that others are given the opportunity to back your vision and support you in making your dreams come to life. Having a bit of faith in your talent will go a long way financially this month.

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Using her background in design, Nadine Jane aims to make astrology accessible, relatable and beautiful. Through her platform she works to share the tools of radical self-acceptance that her astrology practice has given her.