“August is going to be more passionate and creative than last. I hope for more hope, and greater change”
- Nadine Jane
“August is going to be more passionate and creative than last. I hope for more hope, and greater change”
- Nadine Jane
Leo + Leo rising
jul 23-aug 22
August is for you, Leo! It is the month to celebrate everything that makes you unique—creativity, joy, light, and passion. So don’t hold anything back. We need your energy as we try to embrace the vulnerability of self-expression as a collective. You will be a leader in your life. The second half of the month, however, will have you investing in yourself. Take the time and money necessary to meet your needs, and never question your inherent value.
virgo + virgo rising
Aug 23-Sept 22
This month is for your hidden creative dreams, Virgo. The ones that are too big to share, and too important to let go of. Whatever passions you have will rise to the surface of your subconscious, giving you intense spiritual inspiration this August. The second half of the month will have you stepping into your authentic power. The world will need your leadership then, so fill up on all the self-care you can get for now.
libra + Libra rising
SEPT 23-oct 22
August is for belonging, Libra, to something far greater than yourself. Through self-expression and your creative talents, you can make waves and change in the communities and organizations that you want to give your passion to. However, the second half of the month will be more reflective and get you in touch with your inner healing. Don’t be afraid to quiet your life down and go inward. Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is to slow down.
scorpio + scorpio Rising
oct 23-nov 21
Leo season will have you embracing your power in the public, Scorpio. While you are known for your reserved and mysterious nature, now is the time to step into responsibility and show us just how much of a leader you are. With Mercury now direct, the second half of the month will show you which causes and communities you can devote your energies to. Aim for purpose, and align your dreams with the world at large.
sagittarius + Sagittarius rising
nov 22-dec 21
This month is for expanding your perspective, Sagittarius. Reach for the joy and freedom that comes from curiosity, and take on new projects or classes that make you feel alive. The more heart you can put into your education, the better. The second half of the month will have you applying this newfound understanding to your career. With Mercury now direct, you will be in a prime position to be an authority on your work.
capricorn + Capricorn rising
dec 22-jan 19
August will have you exploring your passion for intimacy. No longer held back by Venus retrograde, you will be inspired to embrace self-expression and vulnerability in your relationships. Show up exactly as you are, flaws and all. The second half of the month will take you outward, encouraging you toexplore new intellectual heights. Take on that next mental challenge, and the universe will make sure to reward you come September.
aquarius + Aquarius Rising
jan 20-feb 18
Leo season is for showing up, exactly as you are, in partnership. This month is your time to express your needs, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Your relationships can only grow from your honesty. The second half of the month will have you exploring the passion that grows from a deeper connection to yourself and others. Show your heart, reveal your truth, and above all else, remain loyal to yourself.
pisces + Pisces rising
feb 19-mar 20
August is for creative productivity, Pisces. With Venus and Mercury now direct, you can accomplish more in your self-expression sector than usual. Embrace your passions, and let your heart guide your work. The second half of the month will direct your energy towards partnership. Communicate your needs clearly and allow others to show up for you. Vulnerability is at the core of who you are, and it is the key to your success this month.
aries + Aries Rising
mar 21-apr 19
August is for your creative revolution, Aries. No longer hindered by the past nor confined to your expectations, take the first half of the month to walk towards joy with wild abandon. Have fun. Stay present. And since Venus and Mercury are no longer retrograde, the second half of the month will give you a renewed sense of freedom and direction in pursuing your goals. So enjoy the gifts and inspiration that August has in store for you.
taurus + Taurus rising
apr 20-may 20
This month is for your internal rebellion, Taurus. To break out of old, outdated ways of being and thinking. You may not have caused your past, and the memories wrapped in it, but they are now your opportunity to heal. And with Venus and Mercury now direct, use the second half of the month to tap into your creativity. New projects, and new inspiration, are on the horizon. So don't quit before the miracle.
Gemini + Gemini Rising
May 21 – June 20
Now is the time to discover the power in your voice, Gemini. For the first half of the month, your creative way of thinking will require an outlet, especially with Mercury station direct, so find your platform and let yourself be heard. The second half of the month, however, will pull you closer to home and the past. Take a pause, and create some extra room for rest and recuperation to close out August.
Cancer + Cancer rising
jun 21-jul 22
August is going to ask you to acknowledge your worth, Cancer. Whether it be in business or in relationships, make sure you are getting what you deserve with no strings attached. There's no such thing as "too much" when it comes to your needs. The second half of the month will push you to communicate more clearly for the sake of connection. You never know what trust and intimacy youmay build by voicing your needs

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Using her background in design, Nadine Jane aims to make astrology accessible, relatable and beautiful. Through her platform she works to share the tools of radical self-acceptance that her astrology practice has given her.