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Each month, New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane is here to tell you what the stars have in store.
Each month, New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane is here to tell you what the stars have in store.
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A golden reminder to get it
together this Virgo season.
Bring the heat this Leo season, with the help of something shiny.
Bring the heat this Leo season, with the help of something shiny.
virgo + virgo rising
Aug 23-Sept 22
What a month to be yourself, Virgo. September is going to remind you that shame has nothing on your strength and resilience. Hold the pain of your past with the same honor in which you hold your gifts. Let the light shine on everything that you are—the good, the wounded, and the miraculous. You don’t need the world to tell you what you are worth—self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love will tell you everything you need to know.
libra + Libra rising
SEPT 23-oct 22
What a month to go inward, Libra. September is going to be quiet enough for you to finally hear the parts of yourself that need attending to. The parts that need compassion. The parts that need to slow down. And the parts that need to know you’re not going anywhere. Whatever it is, sit with it. Stay still. Remain present. Breathe through the pain, the discomfort, the heartache, and the joy of your internal world.
scorpio + scorpio Rising
oct 23-nov 21
What a month to find the purpose in your gifts, Scorpio. September is going to have you asking the big questions—what are you here to do? How are your unique talents and gifts set up to change the world? What is your ultimate vision for your future, and who would you like to empower along the way? A dream without a greater impact will not be enough for you anymore. Look for your calling; it has been looking for you.

sagittarius + Sagittarius rising
nov 22-dec 21
What a month to step into your power, Sagittarius. September is going to let you see what you’re worth. It’s going to unveil your imposter syndrome so that you can finally see the raw, beautiful, and innate gifts you have been hiding underneath. Tell yourself how strong you are. Remind yourself how much you’re worth. And hold yourself through the discomfort that accompanies the joy as you step into the light.
capricorn + Capricorn rising
dec 22-jan 19
What a month to go back to school, Capricorn. Metaphorically or literally, September is going to have you taking notes and asking the big questions. True strength lies in our ability to admit what we don’t know—know that it is okay to take a step back and see what you have left to understand. Look at the world with a renewed child-like wonder. And sigh with amazement about how much there is left to conquer.
aquarius + Aquarius Rising
jan 20-feb 18
What a month to transform, Aquarius. September is going to allow you the room, and the safety, to acknowledge the parts of you that like to stay in the dark. With a little light and some gentle compassion, these wounded and abandoned parts of you can turn into magic. Anger can turn into motivation. Sadness can turn into understanding. And heartbreak can turn into art. It's amazing how the pain has always been the inspiration—it just needed to be seen that way.
pisces + Pisces rising
feb 19-mar 20
What a month to connect with another person, Pisces. September is going to inspire intimacy, whether it is romantic or platonic. Try out what it feels like to be vulnerable. Test the waters when it comes to sharing your truth. Gently push yourself as you open up to someone again, and make room for all the emotions that come up. Our partners are our mirrors—mirrors to our pain, to our strength, and to everything we need to know about ourselves.
aries + Aries Rising
mar 21-apr 19
What a productive September you have in store for you, Aries. This month is going to give you the motivation, and the energy, to get back to work. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual, fumble around until you find the coffee, and then hit the ground running. It’s a month to make the to-do list of your dreams and watch in wonder as you check off every single goal. Ready, set, go! You’re off to the races.
taurus + Taurus rising
apr 20-may 20
What a joyous September you have in front of you, Taurus. This month is going to make a kid out of you, so get ready to grin from ear to ear. What do you love to do, that adulting has shunned you from doing? What sparks irrational joy and pleasure in you? Running in the rain. Singing in the shower. Making a beautiful mess. As long as it makes you feel present, creative, and free, no explanations necessary.
gemini + Gemini rising
MAY 21- JUN 20
What a cozy September for you, Gemini. This month is going to take you home—wherever and whatever home looks like to you. A decade-old blanket. A familiar face. Your favorite childhood TV show. Now is not the time to push yourself towards the future, it is a time of restoration and reflection. So, relish in what makes you feel at peace, embrace your comforts, and explore what brings you closer to yourself.
Cancer + Cancer rising
jun 21-jul 22
What a month to have your voice heard, Cancer. September is going to allow you the opportunities, and the strength, to have the conversations you have been needing the most. The feelings you have been hiding to protect others are ready to be told. Be present with yourself and gracious towards others, but don’t hold anything back. You are not responsible for how others react to your truth. There is a profound kindness in compassionate honesty.
Leo + Leo rising
jul 23-aug 22
What a month to get your finances where you want them to be, Leo. September is going to inspire you to take your life, and your worth, into your hands and set yourself up for financial freedom. Get educated about what your possibilities are. Ask questions to those who have mastered their earning and spending relationship. And maybe you will come to realize that aligning your bank account with your dreams makes you feel more alive than ever.

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Using her background in design, Nadine Jane aims to make astrology accessible, relatable and beautiful. Through her platform she works to share the tools of radical self-acceptance that her astrology practice has given her.