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Each month, New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane is here to tell you what the stars have in store.
Each month, New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane is here to tell you what the stars have in store.
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“All of us are going to have to get serious and embrace one area of our life, and approach it with discipline and devotion. It's a serious month, kicking off a serious year!”
- Nadine Jane
“All of us are going to have to get serious and embrace one area of our life, and approach it with discipline and devotion. It's a serious month, kicking off a serious year!”
- Nadine Jane
Bring the heat this Leo season, with the help of something shiny.
capricorn + Capricorn rising
dec 22-jan 19
Be yourself this month, Capricorn, because 2020 is dying to see who you are. Discovering your true identity has been no easy task in a world that places expectations on us from day one. But you have pushed through these facades and ripped off the mask so that you can practice radical self-acceptance. It's time to share it with the world. Own your independence. Flaunt your self-love. Let us celebrate how perfectly imperfect you genuinely are.
aquarius + Aquarius Rising
jan 20-feb 18
Slow down this month, Aquarius, so you can give yourself more time this year. Rest, recuperation, and repair are the only things on your to-do list for now. Less is more—take a step back so you can see what projects, relationships, and obligations are worthy of your energy this year, and don’t be afraid to part with the rest. Nothing is more important than your mental, physical, and spiritual health, so be your best advocate.
pisces + Pisces rising
feb 19-mar 20
Define the groups you want to belong to this month, Pisces, so that you can devote yourself to them this year. You have been in a slow but revelatory process of discovering you can and cannot trust. The universe wanted to show you who you should align yourself with moving forward. So take your new-found street smarts and immerse yourself in the communities that share your values and embrace your many talents. If they have your back, you can have theirs too.
aries + Aries Rising
mar 21-apr 19
To set 2020 off on the right foot, make those necessary moves in your career, Aries. Take that next job opportunity. Say yes to that big project. Step into that new role. Show the world what you are made of—this is not a month, or a year, for staying small or keeping quiet. It's not about soothing the ego or gaining recognition either; it's about fulfilling your highest purpose. So when they say you can't, know that you have to.
taurus + Taurus rising
apr 20-may 20
To begin a year of discovery, find your next adventure this month, Taurus. Take a trip abroad, somewhere you’ve never gone before. Find a new classroom to learn in, one you’ve never had the chance to listen in. Or invest in a new mentor, someone who takes you beyond the confines of your singular perspective. Get curious and excited about everything you have yet to understand—there is a huge freedom to knowing that we know nothing.
gemini + Gemini rising
MAY 21- JUN 20
To embark on your quest towards authenticity this year, get to know some of your darkness this month, Gemini. Get to know the sides of you that you don't typically share with the public. Ask those hidden parts of you where they came from, what pain they are holding, and what their greatest fears are. Quiet down and get in touch with what's going on underneath—a little bit of soul digging can go a long way right now.
Cancer + Cancer rising
jun 21-jul 22
To start 2020 on a good note, stay open to new and renewed partnerships this month, Cancer. While the past year has asked you to strip away the relationships that you have grown out of, this month wants you to grow into someone or something fresh. Keep an open heart and an open mind as you approach dating or networking while utilizing the boundaries and wisdom that last year brought you.
Leo + Leo rising
jul 23-aug 22
To start 2020 off with a bang, knock some stuff off your to-do list, Leo. Self-accountability is the name of your game this month and beyond, so set yourself up for success and make no excuses. Wake up an extra hour early, plan your days out from start to finish, and indulge in an extra cup of coffee is necessary. Remember, it is what you do that matters, not what you say you’ll do.
virgo + virgo rising
Aug 23-Sept 22
Bring joy into your month, Virgo, so you can carry it with you throughout this year. It’s time to turn off your laundry list of obligations and turn on your sense of wonder. Investing in play can seem contradictory to “adulting,” but it is this very commitment to your fun that will bring you the love and energy you need to be creative. And my, are we excited to see what you create this year.
libra + Libra rising
SEPT 23-oct 22
Go home this month, Libra, wherever home exists for you. For some of us home exists in the past and our roots, and the people that loved us into being. For others, home is a physical place, one that we can seek refuge in whenever we feel worn out. But for all of us, home is the comfort and safety we build inside ourselves. Nurture and nourish yourself, and remember just how safe it can feel in your internal home.
scorpio + scorpio Rising
oct 23-nov 21
Speak up this month, Scorpio, so you can continue to the rest of this year. Find the strength in your voice, no matter how much it may shake in the process. Remind yourself of how worthy you are of speaking, no matter who is too afraid to hear your truth. When the words come, they will come with power and force. You can trust that you will choose your words wisely.
sagittarius + Sagittarius rising
nov 22-dec 21
Remember your value this month, Sagittarius, so that you can get your needs met this year. You have been in a long and arduous climb towards financial freedom throughout 2019. The universe has forced you to negotiate and push through barriers you never thought you could withstand. But look at you now. You have found your worth. You have discovered the value of your work and your art. And you are discovering the meaning of internal abundance.

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Using her background in design, Nadine Jane aims to make astrology accessible, relatable and beautiful. Through her platform she works to share the tools of radical self-acceptance that her astrology practice has given her.