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6 Moms on Redefining the Heirloom

Pick one and pass it on. That’s how it’s supposed to go, right? While we love the notion of passing down a great piece to whomever is lucky enough to receive them, we’re also firm believers in enjoying our pieces now—not just later. With that in mind, we asked six women (who also happen to be mothers) about what their everyday jewelry means to them and the pieces they hope to give to their children. Heirlooms are what we make of them, after all.

Letterpress Printmaker
“The fact that one day I can pass down my jewelry pieces to my daughter is so exciting. It's definitely made me treasure my pieces more, especially my wedding and engagement ring. And then there’s my favorite piece that I wear every day: this Mejuri Oval Necklace that hasn't left my side since I got it. I look forward to my daughter growing up and finding a familiarity and comfort in my pieces. I hope they will one day be as important to her as they are to me."

(Note: the Oval Necklace is no longer available, but our Organic Metal Necklace is similar in style.)

Designer + Entrepreneur
“I think in terms of special and simple now when it comes to jewelry—pieces that you can wear without an occasion. I wear one or two pieces at a time but I wear them all day, every day. My hoops are smaller than they were before, but the babies love to grab and pull—their little hands are strong! I think maybe that’s why my hair is shorter too.”

Communications Consultant
“There is a gold bangle from India, a gift from my grandmother on my 18th birthday; a stack of divine delicate diamond band rings, made by my husband, a trained goldsmith; and two barely there bracelets from Mejuri which have been engraved with the initials of my babies, gifted by my best girlfriends... All of these pieces are hugely sentimental and rather serendipitously small. I love the idea that something my husband has made for me will be passed onto our daughter Jeannie or our son Albie—but only once he’s out of the sand and mud pit for good!”

“Easy, everyday fine jewelry has become my go-to during motherhood. Pieces that go with everything and can be worn all day long. I will definitely be passing on all of my jewelry, from my diamond huggies that I wear every day to a gorgeous multicolored cocktail ring that my best friend gave me on my wedding day that used to be her mother’s. Every piece holds so many memories.“

Community Manager + Content Creator
“Before I became a mother, I was a very impulsive buyer. After Jules was born, my relationship with objects changed. I’d rather spend more money on pieces that I will give to him one day than indulge here and there on little things. As for my jewelry, the five bands that I wear on my wedding ring finger symbolize a lot: two were for my engagement, the third for the wedding, the fourth for motherhood and the fifth for our five-year wedding anniversary. There is still room for a sixth—I wonder what it will be for!”

Fashion Market Director, Glamour
“My mother has quite the jewelry collection that she’s passed down to my sister and me over time. She's unloaded her pieces slowly allowing us to appreciate their significance and meaning. [Jewelry] is probably one of the few things that only gets better with age and meaning. I would love to pass on my engagement ring to one daughter and my wedding band to the other … [doing so as] a symbol of love between my husband and me is something very special that I think they will one day appreciate.”

Shilpa’s photo by Bia Garbelotti

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