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How to Wear Diamonds Every Day

You know the song, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”?

Of course you do. Who am I kidding? The catchy tune has been pummeled into every woman’s head by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman and T Bone Burnett (yep, you read that right, even the unlikely T Bone got on the diamond crooning train...)

And yes, while the lyrics so aptly remind us, “square cut or pear shape, these rocks don’t lose their shape,” eehhh... I just always rolled my eyes at the thought of diamond jewelry.

No thanks. Hard pass. Not for moi.


They just didn’t look right on me. I’m a bit of a tomboy when it comes to dressing and a diamond with my all-denim-everything-all-the-time-show-me-a-better-fabric outfits always looked like I’m a four-year-old playing dress up in my mom’s jewelry box.

This all changed a few years ago when my grandfather gave me my great-grandmother's wedding ring, which he had re-set into a pinky ring as a wedding present for my grandmother, 68 years earlier.

I was overwhelmed by the gesture and the story of its origins. And also overwhelmed by the thought of having to wear this diamond ring. BUT I’M NOT A DIAMOND GIRL, I thought.

Of course I put the ring on. You don’t NOT put the ring on at that moment. And, to my shock, the diamond ring simply sung on my hand.

Not only did it look like it was made for me, but the sentimental value is—okay, cliché to say—but priceless. (There literally isn’t another word one can use here so, cliché cops, come at me.)

As it turns out, my ninety-year-old grandfather was the one who taught me that while “diamond’s being your best friend” is an insane sentiment, diamonds can be part of your daily attire and put a skip in your step—and your tomboy outfits. And, after incorporating that ring into my daily layered jewelry, I noticed myself starting to crave… well… more sparkle. I have NEVER wanted ‘MORE SPARKLE’ or uttered those words ever before this whole diamond thing, I PROMISE you.

Seriously. I promise you. I wear tuxedos to weddings. But, alas, there I was.

I watched (the diamonds were controlling my body now!) as I continued to layer more and more delicate precious stones with my classic gold rings, vintage bangles and moonstone necklaces. And damn if they didn’t look good.

"I continued to layer more and more diamonds with my classic gold rings, vintage bangles and moonstone necklaces. And damn if they didn't look good."

So. If you’re scared of diamonds like me, here’s what I learned about how to incorporate them into my daily rotation.

01 - Less is more
It’s like following the two-out-of-three rule for makeup. Only apply two out of the following three at once: eyeshadow, lipstick, blush.

Diamonds are similar. Only wear three of these four at once: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. You want to break up the diamonds with either bare skin in one spot or simple metal.

02 - Modern and vintage love each other
I promise you, they do. Put them side by side whenever given the opportunity. It immediately gives depth and dimension to your stack, on any part of your body, and tells a story without words. (I do realize I’m giving jewelry a lot of power, but I really believe it’s true! People with stacks of jewelry they’ve collected over the years have the best stories to tell along with them.)

03 - Mix metals
I love putting silver or white gold next to gold when they both have a diamond involved. The diamond creates a bridge between the two.

04 - Wear your good stuff every day
Much like my mother uses her good silverware and china every day ("why let something so nice just acquire dust in a drawer?"), I believe the same goes for diamonds, both heirloom and new. You bought it, you got it, flaunt it… even if just for yourself during quarantine. All the better, honestly, if it makes you feel good.

05 - Have fun with it.
Now is the time to experiment and push past your comfort zone because GUESS WHAT NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE YOU FOR A WHILE, thank you very much quarantine.

Open up that jewelry box and play around a bit. Put on all your pieces and walk around the house in a nightshirt. Why the hell not? See what it feels like to wear your fanciest jewelry with ripped jeans.

You might find you really, really like it…

But just don’t say diamonds are your best friend. Like, ever.


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Words by Veronica McCarthy. Veronica is a Creative Director living in New York and is still caught off guard by the fact that she is "technically" an adult.

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