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Mejuri 101: Sterling Silver


Welcome to Mejuri 101, our new series that answers it all—from the basics of styling a gold hoop, to the fine details about our materials and care tips.

No one said you had to commit to just one metal, which is why we’re back to talk all things sterling silver. Listen in on a conversation with our host, Kathleen Newman-Bremang, Deputy Director, Global at Refinery29 Unbothered and Britt Gelineau, our Senior Manager, Product Marketing (and our team's #1 advocate of silver). We’re covering our best selling silver pieces, why it’s incredibly durable and how to complement your outfits with the cool-toned metal.

The undeniably cooler metal (in shade and edge) is an important part of a balanced jewelry collection, so consider this our public apology for all the times we gave gold the spotlight without mention of the just as precious metal, sterling silver.

Read on to download everything there is to know about sterling silver, including our design elements, styling advice and essential care tips.


A short history lesson: sterling silver standards date back to the 13th century. King Edward I of England required that all sterling silver should be 92.5 percent pure silver—and, today, we have purity markings of 925 on all our sterling silver. Our pieces are handcrafted with an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

In the Victorian era, handcrafted silver jewelry became more popular. Silver is a precious metal that has been favored by many creative designers, artisans and jewelry lovers for centuries. Why is it preferable, though? It's malleable to work with, hence our unique designs. And it’s lightweight, which allows Mejuri designers to achieve bold scales. Sterling silver is ideal for jewelry since fine silver is too soft for day-to-day wear.


Like your favorite vermeil styles, sterling silver is best when handled with care. Exposure to the elements or personal care products may cause it to oxidize. That being said, when cleaning, all you have to do is use a silver polishing cloth and it’ll look brand new. Make sure to store your pieces in a dry place like our anti-tarnish Jewelry Box when they’re not being worn.

Christina wears Dôme Huggies, Diamond Mini Studs and Bold Croissant Dôme Huggies


It goes without saying: silver has a casual personality to it, which makes it easy to layer on. Play up textural elements and variations in size and it’ll look good every time. And, whoever said you can’t mix metals was very wrong. Throw on a couple of sterling silver rings with your usual gold stack to brighten things up and add a signature edge.

We love silver because it has a cool, casual personality to it

Christina wears Dôme HuggiesDiamond Mini StudsBold Croissant Dôme Huggies, Dôme Cuff Bracelet, Croissant Dôme Ring, Thin Dôme Ring, Pavé Diamond Slim Signet and Charlotte Oversized Cuff Bracelet


Silver is just as good as gold—and lightweight with a high-impact shine—so, go for a bold style. With silver, you can go bolder without feeling like it’s overstated. Think: It’s confident and strong but still elegant. Try updated classics like our Dôme Ring to set the foundation of your stack. At the end of the day, our pieces are designed to be wearable for every day no matter the metal.

Christina wears Beaded Ring, Diamonds Team Ring, Stacker Ring, Charlotte Bold Signet Ring and Dôme Ring


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