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How to Get that Signature Mejuri Stack

When lack of inspiration strikes, some of us lean on our tried and true outfit templates. Easy to grab items you know will look good, feel good and make for an easy styling piece. The same rings true for fine jewelry thanks to Cady Palley-Samson, our resident virtual stylist at Mejuri, who holds the secret to getting that signature Mejuri stack that we (and especially she) get asked about so often.

Through countless Virtual Shopping appointments with the Mejuri community, answering questions about sizing, styling, stacking and so much more—Cady has mastered foolproof stacking. And we finally got her to spill her secret for all to read. Her formula relies on three key elements: texture, seamless, and sparkle. “I think my formula for stacking and layering makes wearing jewelry less intimidating and more approachable,” says Cady, “It makes the journey to find your pieces exciting, and you can easily customize to your own personal style and lifestyle, whatever that may be!”

Read on to learn exactly how you can recreate that signature stack and personalize it for your own collection.

Cady wears Solo Diamond Bracelet, Curb Bracelet and Thin Bangle


Cady always recommends starting with a base piece. “If you’re looking to get into stacking or layering, focus on one main feature,” she says. For example: “Let's start with our Curb Bracelet—we can call that our textured piece.”


“We can then build on the texture by adding in something seamless, like our Thin Bangle,” says Cady. This helps balance the weight and texture of the stack, creating visually seamless layers. 


Every stack needs a pop and we do not shy away from diamonds. Cady recommends adding in something with a bit of sparkle, like, in this case, our Solo Diamond Bracelet. This anchors the stack and makes it more dynamic and personalized.

At left, Cady wears, Boston Dôme Cuff Bracelet, LA Dôme Cuff Bracelet and San Francisco Dôme Cuff Bracelet; at right, Cady wears, Chunky Curb Chain Gemstone Necklace, Bold Rope Chain Necklace and Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace

Cady wears Thin Croissant Dôme Ring, Thin Dôme Ring and Diamonds Team Ring

Cady wears Drawn Cable Chain Bracelet, Bold Herringbone Chain Bracelet and Diamond Letter Bracelet

“This formula is a great place to start and gives you a strong foundation to build on," says Cady. "Whether you're adding a bit of dimension with our Thin Dôme Ring or adding a pop of colour like our Garnet Heirloom Ring or London Blue Topaz Chunky Curb Necklace, I find that focusing on a single feature with each piece you stack allows you to be intentional with your jewelry and find to help you find a stack that is uniquely yours.”

Cady wears Garnet Heirloom Ring, Pavé Diamond Slim Signet and Charlotte Ring 


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