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How to Wear Pearls in 2022

January 10, 2022Art of the Stack

If pearls have long been symbols of perfection and incorruptibility, then its place in our jewelry boxes might surprise generations who’ve always seen the object as hyper-feminine or pure.

It’s why our Bold Pearl collection (all of our pearl pieces, really) was designed to revive the surprisingly statement-making motif with timeless styles—featuring bold, distinctly shaped designs that are ready for all occasions. Think: equal parts unexpected and classic. Plus, our cultured pearls are carefully selected, each with its own natural radiance and texture. There are a ton of contemporary ways to add freshwater pearls to your stack and the Fine Crew just gave us even more inspiration.


Why complicate things? Just (carefully) throw all your statement pearl pieces on together. To start, pair chains of varying shapes and sizes, like the Bold Pearl Toggle Necklace and the Tiny Pearl Necklace. We’re trying @siobhan.olivia’s necklace stack formula asap and styling from small to large to medium. Take things further and add a Bold Pearl Pendant Necklace for more interesting layers.




Intentional styling is very important here. Pair your chain of teensy, tiny pearls against a failsafe outfit in a contrasting shade (even Carrie Bradshaw has styled her pearls against a men’s flannel). This way, the pearls will pop. Balance it out with an easy gold hoop and a few of your favorite bold rings.


Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, guys are no strangers to pearls either—and we’re not just talking about Pharrell cameos in Chanel shows. It’s high-time to introduce your guy to a bold pearl chain (even Lewis Hamilton, A$AP Rocky, and Harry Styles are co-signers).



Ultimately, the easiest (and even edgiest) way to wear pearls is to work them into your daily rotation; stack up with your usual favorites as supporting actors. The Bold Pearl Double Wrap Bracelet is an easy stacker, with two layers in one. Sleek gold pieces, like the Vermeil Bangle and Dôme Ring will sharpen the look.



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