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See Our Latest Collab & Meet The Designer Behind It, Yi-Mei Truxes of Bembien


Yi-Mei Truxes of Bembien, an accessories brand based in New York, knows exactly how she wants people to feel when wearing her brand's pieces. And, she knows the power of well-designed, handcrafted goods. As you can see, there’s never been a more perfect match. With uncompromising quality and timeless appeal, we’ve handcrafted everything you’d want in a tote bag—and it’ll last through every adventure. Handwoven in rattan featuring leather straps and a striped, 100% silk scarf.

Read on for what inspires her to create, her edited approach to style and accessories, and the fine details behind our collaboration.

Walk us through your collaboration with Mejuri and the bag + scarf you designed. What went into the project?
At the start of the project, we focused on how we wanted people to feel when wearing our pieces: effortless, light, carefree; as if they were embodying the essence of summer and instantly transported to a coastal town on the Mediterranean. We (of course) knew right away that straw bags are a necessary staple of summer style. There is something so raw, easy and beautiful about the natural material (not to mention the universal appeal of the French-girl basket-wearing style of Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot that will always be synonymous with summer). Natural, hand-made goods is at the core of what Bembien does—so we knew the collaboration was a perfect fit.

 The silk scarf is something fun we wanted to add to play off the nostalgic, bold, stripe design featured throughout Mejuri’s line. The bag and scarf, together with Mejuri’s pieces in mind, are designed to create the perfect care-free summer look.

Yi-Mei Truxes wears Mejuri x Bembien Rattan Tote

How do you get inspired to create?
I am most inspired by people on the streets of New York. There is an energy on the street that I am so drawn to creatively. I love sitting in a café by myself, watching strangers walk by—trying to understand the ways in which they move and interact, what they love, what they gravitate towards, who they are and who they want to be. The very beginning of my design process is quite simple—and oftentimes happens on the back of a napkin the moment inspiration hits.

There are many ways to accessorize a look but Bembien is about much more than bags and what/how much they can hold. What is it about jewelry that fits well with Bembien's ethos, and in particular, Mejuri?
Bembien’s ethos is rooted in the natural beauty found in sustainably-made handmade goods. It’s about the feeling of human-connection when wearing one of our pieces, knowing it was crafted using century-old techniques. We believe that the right accessory can make an outfit—which is also the case with jewelry. Bembien and Mejuri are both uncompromising and intentional in how we design, and as a result offer timeless styles that are meant to last forever—and will ultimately make an outfit.

Describe the perfect summer bag versus an everyday bag.
The perfect summer bag should transport you, while an everyday bag is designed to be utilitarian and functional. It should make you feel lighter on your feet, as if anything is possible for the day ahead. The perfect summer should be whimsical, light, airy and fun—something that sparks joy!

After all we've learned in lockdown, why should people continue to put love and thought into their outfits?
Putting on an outfit is a form of self-expression—it’s a way of connecting with others, as well as practicing self-care and nurturing our inner creative selves. Fashion can be joyful, and in a lot of ways it can make us feel like we’re a part of a community. One of the most important lessons from lockdown was the importance of all forms of connectivity—both verbal and non-verbal ways, including what we decide to put on in the morning before we walk out the door.

“ Fashion can be joyful, and in a lot of ways it can make us feel like we’re a part of a community.”

What are your do's and don'ts when it comes to fashion and accessorizing?
Always focus on fewer, better things that you plan to wear forever. Never buy anything you don’t absolutely love, and when you can—buy second-hand. Focus on comfort, fit, quality, and try to understand the story behind an item before you put it on. Prioritize how something makes you feel (I am a strong believer that if something makes you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or not like yourself—it will never look right). And less is always more, in my opinion, so edit, edit, edit!


Photography by Alex Hodor-Lee

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