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3 Ways to Wear Men's Jewelry—by a Guy Who Knows

July 29, 2021Art of the Stack

Text by Yale Breslin

I’m not a fussy guy: In the way that I dress, my approach to situations (I let things roll off my back and try—the operative word here is try—not to let stress get the best of me), and most importantly in how I present myself. 

I’m not someone who follows trends; in fact, I wear the same iteration of pants, t-shirt and sneakers pretty much every day. But there’s so much more to what you put on your body. The clothes and accessories you put on in the morning portray how you want to be seen, how you want people to approach you (or not), and if you dig a little deeper, it’s a reflection of one’s current state of mind.

For me, It’s always been about the details. The perfect cut on a timeless white crew neck t-shirt, the just-enough-fading on my favorite pair of jeans, and a hint of a chain that touches the neck to expose just enough of your collarbone while keeping the rest a mystery.

Jewelry, much like the clothes I wear, has intention, and there are three pieces that sit on my nightstand: a ring, a bracelet, and a trusty necklace. Arguably, much like the guys who share my similar perspective on getting dressed, jewelry can be done right and oh so very wrong. Here, I break it down. If you’re so inclined, follow my advice for fool-proof execution. And if you're dressing your partner, your brother, your dad, your friend, pay attention—the below will help the guys in your life navigate the landscape as well.


My dad used to wear a thin interlocking gold chain around his neck, so for me, there’s something nostalgic about necklaces. In the past few years, I've also adopted wearing one every day. And, from Timothée Chalamet catapulting the gold chain into an everyday staple to Normal People’s Paul Mescal’s silver chain (@ConnellsChain has over 167K followers on Instagram), the chain is best suited with a classic t-shirt. Feel free to keep it demure and slip it under your collar or expose it all. If the simple chain is for the novice wearer, adding a ring or a personal memento as a pendant is the next step up. Above all, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Pictured above, Black Onyx Square Signet Ring and Round Box Chain Necklace

Yale Breslin wears Round Box Chain Bracelet


To me, jewelry should follow the rule of twos—anything more than two pieces at a time can easily go awry. A bracelet, in my opinion, is a power move—no matter the setting (a meeting, a business lunch, a first date, a special anniversary), it gives your wrist a little extra something. No matter the wrist, bracelets can either be worn one at a time or, if you’re feeling up for it, piled up. An heirloom from your family paired with a beaded bracelet from your travels, and everything in between, bracelets can either up your suit game or add that extra sumthin’ sumthin’ to your jeans and t-shirt weekend attire. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, your bracelets do not need to match your watch… or shirt buttons. Don't think about it too much, wear what you love, and you'll be set.

Yale wears Round Box Chain Bracelet and Black Onyx Square Signet Ring


If there were ever rules to be broken, it’s with the ring. Sure, the ring finger’s real estate is dedicated to that special someone, but all other fingers, on both hands, are fair game. Mix and match metals, be ambidextrous with what hand you wear your rings on, and get playful. While you might think the pinky ring is off limits, if Ryan Gosling can do it (and he has), so can you.

Pictured above, Ribbed Cuff Bracelet and Titanium Signet Ring


Yale Breslin is a journalist and content producer based in New York.

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