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Inside Schitt’s Creek Actor Noah Reid’s Mejuri Wedding

Noah Reid walked down the aisle twice in 2020. Once, as the beloved Patrick on the Emmy-nominated show Schitt’s Creek and the second time, at his childhood home on Lake Huron where he said “I Do” to longtime fiancée, now wife, Clare Stone. The couple join the ranks of countless Mejuri weddings that have tugged at our heartstrings and re-defined what wedding jewelry can be. For Noah and Clare, that meant choosing pieces they connect with personally and embracing the power of looking and feeling like yourself on your wedding day. Here the couple shares how they met, the lakeside celebration they planned themselves and the Mejuri piece that helped Clare find her wedding dress.

How did you meet? 

Noah: Clare and I first met on a show called Rookie Blue in the summer of 2011. We spent one day together playing Wyatt and Stella, the unruly boyfriend to the daughter of a criminal. We stayed in touch for a few years before we started dating, and we often laugh about that day we spent running from the cops through the halls of a Toronto high school. It would’ve been easy for us to have never met, since this was one of the last acting jobs Clare ever did before leaving the business. Wyatt and Stella for life.

Bridesmaid Kate wears Organic Pearl Stacked Hoops

Tell us the story of how you got engaged. 

Noah: In 2018 we had just bought our house and we were hosting Christmas dinner for the first time. I thought it would be the perfect moment with our families coming together at our place. I bought the ring two days before and then, to throw her off the scent, I bought several small eco-friendly items (some beeswax wraps, a reusable lunch tin) and gave them to her on Christmas morning, saying I wanted this to be a “sustainable Christmas”. I could tell she was a little disappointed, so I told her I had one more gift, and when she asked if it was also re-usable, I knew she had no idea what was coming. My heart was pounding as I gave her the box to open, and I’ll never forget the look in her eyes. She said yes on Christmas morning on our couch in our pyjamas, and we kept it a secret from our families all day until we made a toast before dinner. Definitely my favourite Christmas ever. 

Clare wears Editor Hoops

You planned the entire wedding by yourself during a pandemic. What was the easiest decision to make? What was the hardest?

Clare: Noah’s parents designed and built a beautiful house on a truly special property overlooking Lake Huron, so getting married there was a no brainer for us. Initially, our plan was to have a wedding of 75 people, a number that felt small enough for me and big enough for Noah. When COVID hit, we had to pare down our guest list considerably. Deciding to go ahead when it meant so many of our loved ones wouldn’t be there was the hardest decision we made. Looking back, it’s just amazing to have been able to have had a wedding at all.

The easiest decision was hiring Alida Solomon of Toronto’s Tutti Matti to make us a laid-back, Tuscan-inspired dinner. Noah and I wanted it to feel like the most elaborate dinner party we’d ever thrown. We had Aperol Spritzes, charcuterie plates with special Italian cheeses, grilled mortadella, a radicchio risotto, and whole filets of fish, all of which was accompanied by an array of gorgeous, natural wines curated by my friend Emilie.

Clare, tell us a little bit about how you put your final wedding look together. What made you say yes to the dress (and the jewelry)?

Clare: It was really important to me that I looked like myself. I certainly had moments of debating a fake tan or extensions or gel nails, but I also had this vision of Noah touching my hair and feeling an extension and being truly, truly confused. So instead, I laid out in the sun, grew my hair out, got a basic manicure, and called it a day. I really loved feeling beautiful, but like myself, elevated but not over the top. 

Finding the right dress took quite a long time! Believe it or not, I actually decided on wearing my Mejuri Editor Hoops before I picked a dress. Noah had given them to me as a birthday gift the year prior. Because they are so representative of my style, I started using them as a sort of litmus test for whether the things I were trying on were really ‘me’. I brought them to each bridal store I went to, and after an initial look, one of my girlfriends would hand me the Mejuri pouch, I’d put them on, and we’d all debate whether the dress ‘worked with the hoops’. In the end, I picked a simple Alexandra Grecco gown from Loversland that has slip dress energy but with a structured bodice that adds a bit of romance.

Why did you gravitate towards the Editor Hoops for your wedding day? 

Clare: I wanted the jewelry I wore to look delicate, contemporary, and effortless. The Editor Hoops were exactly that. Because they were a gift from Noah, they had sentimental value. There’s also something slightly celestial and moon-like about the earrings which I loved, particularly because the night sky is such a striking feature of the country.

How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time on your wedding day?

Clare: Because we were having the wedding on a private property and were deeply involved in every decision, Noah and I and everyone else who was there were all incredibly busy that day! Right before we left to get ready, Noah was raking the beach and I was putting together my bouquet. I didn’t get into the shower until 3:00, and by that time I was exhausted and overwhelmed. My sister is a talented makeup artist and I remember her wiping a single tear off my face before putting the mascara on. Fortunately, Noah and I had planned to do our legal ceremony at a property down the road right before our friends and family ceremony. Immediately upon seeing him, the stress and worry melted away. We were overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

What were some of your favourite moments from the day? 

Clare: Walking down the aisle with my sister, mum and dad behind me as Noah sang ‘The Book of Love’, was a moment I will never forget. Another favourite memory came immediately after the ceremony. Noah and I were intent on staying with our loved ones afterwards as opposed to escaping to be alone or take photos. Once the ceremony had concluded, we got a friend to click ‘play’ on our ‘Post-Ceremony Love Bangers’ playlist, I put on my sunglasses, and Noah sabered a bottle of champagne. It was glorious to be able to stand on the beach in the evening sun, soaking in the intense joy and emotion of what had just occurred. 

Noah: I remember sitting with Clare at the head of the long dinner table as the sun went down, eating and drinking beautiful things and just looking around the table thinking how lucky I was. There’s something very special about hearing your parents, siblings and friends give speeches on your wedding day. Being roasted and celebrated at the same time is so satisfying. I think in our case, our wedding was the first time most of us had been out of the house in several months, and there was so much love in the air. I’ll also never forget Clare and I being hoisted in the air on chairs for an unexpected Horah dance, or the moment my sister had to sprint up the long beach staircase mid ceremony because she had forgotten the rings in the house. It was such a refreshing reminder that you try to make things seamless and perfect, but often it’s the imperfections and the things you didn’t plan that make it feel real and special. 

How did the evening end?

Noah: There was a moment when the dongle that connected Clare’s phone with all the playlists on it went missing, and we were in serious danger of losing the dance floor momentum. After a thorough search, dongle was located in a pocket (I won’t say whose), the music came back with a vengeance, I took the microphone like an emcee at an all-inclusive resort, and a truly epic dance party took off. I don’t remember much after that, except that we kept slipping cash to our transportation guy and asking him to come back in another hour, and that there was a lot of unnecessary sabering of wine bottles going on. We always imagined we’d dance long into the night, and we definitely did. I don’t even think the neighbours were mad, it was so euphoric.

Do you still wear your earrings? 

Clare: I probably wear the Editor Hoops once a week. Even though I consider them an everyday piece, they carry a special weight now. They are a beautiful reminder of our wedding and our life together.

Photography by Inna Yasinska


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