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The Art of Everyday with Camila Costa

July 9, 2020Fine Files

Camila Costa’s day starts at 5 AM—even when she’s off-duty.

We caught up with the star of our summer campaign to see how she’s been spending her time. The short answer is: being with family, eating good food and getting outside. The long answer? A typical day in the life.

5 AM
I wake up at 5 AM every morning. At first, getting up so early was difficult, but my body eventually got used to it—and now I love it. To start my day, the first thing I do is drink water with lemon. Then I spray my face with rose water and moisturize with rose oil or Costa Brazil oil from the Amazon.

Around 5:30 AM I meditate and do my best to clear my mind and center myself for the day.

6 AM
I make coffee, journal, and begin work on my current projects, as well as the six things I need to do for the day [from a list I’ve made the night before].

7 AM
Following meditation earlier, I also like to do Kundalini yoga.

Between 7:30 and 8 AM, our 18-month-old baby Rio usually wakes up. I breastfeed him, and we have breakfast as a family. Usually, we have a mix of fresh fruit, granola and yogurt, bread, or oatmeal. Rio is obsessed with bananas. Marina eats toast with Nutella, and Cole usually eats eggs, toast and has coffee.

At home, I typically wear loose baggy clothing like sweatpants, flowy comfy dresses, or sportswear. For jewelry, I love wearing my Mejuri Curb and Herringbone NecklacesDôme and Croissant Dôme Rings—and of course my engagement ring that has a moonstone—every day.

9 AM
I use the mornings to check emails and tend to social media. I’m also around and present to help my daughter Marina with homeschool. We’ve been homeschooling her since she started 6th grade last September, but it’s summer now!

11 AM
Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent the mornings focused on learning new things and enjoying the free time I have for things that make me happy—like my family. It’s amazing to be close to them all the time; I am happy I’m able to put energy on projects like Agroforestry, new ways of consuming and social aspects of my life.

12 PM
Lunchtime! I’m vegan, so it’s not hard to eat clean and healthy. I love rice and beans and would eat them every day of my life. But we also like to change things up with a few Italian, Brazilian, Mexican and Asian dishes—all vegan or vegetarian of course. And we always eat and give gratitude for our food as a family with one rule: no devices on the table.

1 PM
After lunch, I usually go outside on the cliff, tend to the garden and catch up on some reading. Right now I’m reading Getting Real [by Gretchen Carlson]. I’ll relax with my partner, and discuss love, life, and other plans since life is full of logistics!

2 PM
We try to take the baby out for a walk in the neighborhood or play with him around the house so he can use up some of his unlimited energy. If we have time, we go for a hike or to the beach, but these days we mostly leave only to go to the supermarket.

4 PM
We snack and spend time together, usually outside in the yard. I like to snack on fruit, but I also love chips and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. When it comes to “guilty pleasure” food, I don’t have any. I have no guilt for pleasure!I

n the afternoons, we play together. We do things like dance, play Mario Kart, Twister, Go Fish—the list goes on. Cole skateboards with Marina, and Cole and I like to meditate and do Kundalini yoga together. We recently rediscovered jump rope; it turns out, my mother-in-law is a secret jump rope champion.

7 PM
My favorite food for dinner is lasagna, but usually, we keep it very simple. Because we are plant-based, dinner most nights is based around rice and beans (I told you I could eat it every day of my life).

8 PM
After dinner, we turn the lights down, give baby Rio a bath, read to him, and relax until he gently falls asleep. [Actually, gently is the wrong word…] getting Rio to sleep is like trying to slow down a speeding train, but he usually ends up falling asleep around 9 PM.

In the evenings, once Rio is asleep, I have a bit of time to read and relax. Right now, we are watching The Girls from Ipanema on Netflix. It’s an amazing show about strong women who open a music club in Rio De Janeiro in the 60s.

10 PM
I usually go to bed around now. I’ll brush my teeth and make a list of six things I need to get done the next day.

Photographed by Cole Ramstad

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