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The FRAME & Mejuri Collab You've Been Waiting For

October 26, 2020Fine Files

Our limited-edition collaboration with FRAME is finally here. What began with a pre-pandemic lunch between both founders blossomed into a creative friendship, and many Zoom calls later, we can finally present our first ever collaborative collection of jewelry, ready-to-wear and denim. 

The truth is, when our CEO, Noura Sakkhijha, and Chief Creative Officer, Justine Lançon, got together with the FRAME Co-founders Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, what they found were fashion kindred spirits—and a shared obsession with making every day a little bit more luxurious and special. Here, we listen in on a conversation about how they came up with our most coveted drop yet.


Erik: “1970s influencer are consistently the running pulse of our collections, and this collaboration touches upon a similar tone. We were inspired by style icons who combine powerful femininity with androgynous silhouettes.”

Justine: “Exactly. For the jewelry, we looked into product and interior design from that era to shape the pieces and complement the clothing—which led us to becoming obsessed with rounded square shapes and statement earrings that look somewhat sculptural.”


Erik: “The entire collection definitely speaks to a ‘dressed up casual’ way of dressing that feels cool yet timeless. Before working with Mejuri, we imagined the FRAME woman would wear her jewelry with a certain ease and elegance—just in how she presents herself to the world. And that’s exactly what we’re going for here.” 

Justine: “Working with your team was seamless. We both had the same north star when it came to design—really envisioning how the FRAME and Mejuri woman was going to wear each piece.”


Jens: “Working with the best names in the industry has been part of FRAME’s DNA since day one, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with you both in bringing this collaboration to life.”

Noura: “Us too. FRAME’s filter takes the best of '70s design for the modern woman and each collection has an incredibly covetable edge. Given that Justine is Parisian, her European taste infuses Mejuri designs with a similar blend of luxe minimalism—the perfect complement to FRAME’s aesthetic.”

Jens: “Both our brands are committed to quality and creating truly timeless pieces meant for the modern woman.”

Noura: “Yes, our goals are perfectly aligned when it comes to creating elevated, everyday essentials, whether that is for your jewelry box or wardrobe. There is a refined, understated simplicity that defines our brands, but each has their own lens, which in turn has created an effortless extension for both of us. This speaks to how we want to dress right now, but also to how we want to invest in ourselves for the future—in exquisitely crafted, well-designed pieces made to last.”

Erik: “As with our other FRAME collaborations, this one also started in an incredibly organic way. I had lunch with Noura in New York because I just wanted to learn about Mejuri. We realized we had a lot in common, especially how we view culture and aesthetics. We left with the idea of doing a collaboration together.” 

Justine: “Noura had only exciting updates to share after that lunch. It was serendipitous that we connected over our brand’s shared proposition for a new kind of luxury in everyday dressing. We both had the epiphany our community was one and the same—and likely interested in creating a full look, from apparel to jewelry.” 

Jens: “If I could only suggest buying one piece of clothing and one piece of jewelry it would be the Di Jacket and Les Chain Earrings. However, my favorite head-to-toe look would be Le Hollywood Jean, paired with the Cardi in Gris Heather and Le Chunky Necklace."

Justine: “My favorite pieces are probably Les Textured Hoops with the Clean Collared Shirt.”

Noura: “You stole my favorite Justine! My favorite clothing piece is definitely the Clean Collared Shirt, but I would pair it with Les Chain Earrings.

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