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Our Collab With Claude Home Is Here


For our latest collaboration, Mejuri has partnered with online vintage furniture and art collector Maggie Holladay of Claude Home on three jewelry vessels that double as your home’s latest sculptural accent piece. Handcrafted in natural marble by expert artisans where no two pieces look alike, our pieces were designed to work overtime: keeping your favorite jewelry on display, while elevating your home at the same time.

The Pebble Vessel in Red Onyx is exclusively available in-store at our Dundas West (Toronto), Abbot Kinney (LA), and Spring Street (NYC) locations.

To fête the partnership, we spoke to the New York-based designer-curator about her approach to home decor, why your home should feel like your safe haven, and more.


Maggie Holladay, a San Diego native residing in New York City, began her career in fashion working as an assistant to notable stylists and editorial teams. Her curatorial eye for vintage furnishings and striking interiors led her to immerse herself into work as a designer and vintage furniture collector. She founded Claude Home in 2018, where the online gallery of collectable vintage pieces and contemporary artworks was "born out of a passion for vintage furniture and a love of classic designs and forms.” The platform features unique and exclusive pieces by new artists and a curated selection of restored mid-century modern furniture by well-known designers.

Featured above: Arch Vessel, Pebble Vessel Natural Stone, Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace and Charlotte Ring

What were your first thoughts about collaborating on these pieces with us?
Maggie Holladay: I was super excited when Mejuri asked Claude Home to collaborate on a few pieces together. It was really amazing to think about how we could bring jewelry into your home and how we could make [displaying it] look a little bit better and more sculptural to fit in with your home decor.

Featured above: Wishbone Stacker Set, Pavé Diamond X Ring and Pebble Vessel Red Onyx

What is it about jewelry that fits well with Claude’s ethos, and in particular, Mejuri?
MH: When designing your home it shows your personal style, aesthetic, and who you are—which jewelry also does. It was amazing to collaborate with a brand that creates very simple, timeless jewelry which is how I feel about how your home should look. So it just felt like a really great, natural fit.

At left, Maggie wears Bold Medium Hoops, Baguette Diamond Bar Necklace, Cable Chain Tag Necklace, Baguette Diamond Half Eternity Band and Bold Stacker; featured right, Pearl Rectangle Locket Necklace, Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Arch Vessel

What are your do's and don'ts when it comes to fashion and interior design?
Definitely the “less is more” approach on everything. I think with style it’s [about] slowly adding to your wardrobe and getting pieces that you want to invest in and that you’ll love forever. Your home should feel the same way. It’s not a rush to decorate your home or to fill out your closet.

Slowly fall in love with pieces and then decorate your space that way.

After all we've learned in lockdown, why should people continue to put love into their spaces?
I think putting love into your space is extremely important. Your home is your safe space where you feel the most yourself and it’s a place to unwind at the end of the day. You should always put as much effort as you can into making your home feel like your safe haven.

Featured above: Arch Vessel, Pebble Vessel Natural Stone and Pebble Vessel Red Onyx

What's the inspiration behind our two jewelry vessels?
I was extremely inspired by earth, natural shapes and how jewelry can lay beautifully within an object.


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