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Everything You Need to Know About your Birthstone—and What it Says About You

August 10, 2021Trending

Personalized jewelry is one of those always-perfect additions to any jewelry collection. Its relevance never fades and its meaning only grows. 

Enter birthstone jewelry and our new Birthstone Pendants: twelve stones for each month of the year, each bearing its own mystical power and meaning. Whether you’re shopping for your stone, or choosing your favorite based on your “inner birthday” (we won’t tell) these birth gems are said to have your back and supercharge you with good energy. Find out the properties each stone bestows and what it says about you. Tip: choose wisely, stack plenty and wear often.


January babies, you’re setting the tone for the year with the garnet. An energizing gem known for its regenerating abilities, so go ahead and summit your symbolic mountain with confidence. 


Might be time to balance those chakras. Amethyst is known for sharpening the mind and cleansing the aura. Pay homage to your new peace with a new piece. 


Do you hear that? The Piscean energy is strong thanks to this seawater-colored stone. Aquamarine is said to bring a wave of balance and calmness, so sit back, relax and let the good times roll. 


It’s no surprise that the April birthstone is as resilient as its Sun signs, Aries and Taurus. White sapphire, a stone of clarity, will be a great tool to execute those plans you’ve got up your sleeve.

Nyabel wears Bold Hoops, Spheres Bar Studs, Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace, Chain Necklace and Amethyst Sphere Pendant


Beloved by icons like Cleopatra and the goddess Venus, May’s emerald birthstone is as powerful as its wearers. Beside boosting confidence, emeralds are also known for reviving passions, lifting spirits and turning a few heads. All major wins. 


A new season means new beginnings and June’s birthstone is known for just that. This dreamy gem cultivates growth, strength and healing—consider yourself off to a good start. 


The flames of passion are roaring thanks to July’s birthstone, the ruby. This fiery gem is known for its strong life force and the protection it brings its wearer, use it wisely and stack it plenty. 


Like August’s Leos and Virgos, this birthstone does it all. Peridot is said to bring everything from balance to good luck, peace, calmness and protection. We’ll have one of each. 

Nyabel wears Baby Box Chain Necklace, Peridot Sphere Pendant, Chain Necklace and Moonstone Sphere Pendant


Channel your inner Lady Di with September’s regal birthstone, blue sapphire. This magical gem bestows its wearer with love and fidelity. While it can also protect you from envy, it’ll definitely be turning some heads. 


Dial up the good vibes with October’s birthstone opal. This hue changing gem deflects the negative and amplifies positive energy. Forecast: golden days ahead. 


Citrine gets its positivity from the power of the sun to bring its wearer protection, happiness and good luck. Looks like solar power is on your side, November. 


V-day might be months away but love is in the air and Topaz is to blame. December’s birthstone symbolizes love and affection while bestowing you with intellect and protection. Talk about a gem that works hard for you.

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