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Heart Pet Charm - €38

24k Gold Plated Stainless Steel, Black Enamel
24k Gold Plated Stainless Steel, Black Enamel
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€ 95
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  • Length: 15 mm
  • Width: 12.4 mm
  • Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Clasp Length: 13.9 mm
  • Clasp Width: 7.7 mm
  • Clasp Thickness: 3.7 mm
  • 24k gold-plated stainless steel: our gold-plated stainless steel is crafted using a physical vapor deposition (PVD) method for durability and daily wear—it lasts through swims, mud, and whatever else your pet may get into—all while maintaining its shine. Get the look of 24k gold without the commitment.

You’re a Mejuri household now. Because you and your pets should all enjoy the finer things. Upgrade their collar with a charm that matches how cute they are. Handcrafted in 24k gold plated stainless steel so it’s extra durable and it’ll last.

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