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14k Yellow Gold Jewelry

Dazzling solid yellow gold earrings, rings and more.

Mejuri dreams in 14 karat options, and this collection of stunning yellow gold jewelry holds that promise true. Explore this highly-curated list of yellow gold earrings, rings, & necklaces to find the perfect eye-catching piece to wear at your next social event, night out, or workday in need of a little extra shimmer. Find yellow gold hoops & studs that will take the breath away from onlookers & admirers alike, with highly-sought choices like the Between hoops, or the small-but-mighty Wishbone studs. Mejuri's treasure chest of yellow gold maintains the classic jewelry color with the finest metals available, allowing gold's most famous look to shine with the dazzle it always deserves. Customize your choice with an engravable gold necklace, or sport a minimal beauty like the 2mm curve band. No matter how you choose, Mejuri's yellow gold collection is here to elevate your look in a beautiful way.