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A Love Letter to New York from Quentin Jones

You’ve definitely spotted Quentin Jones’s work before. The artist and director’s collages, stop motion animations and fashion films have appeared in magazines like Vogue and i-D as well campaigns for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and now Mejuri, to name just a few. 

With work that is so inspired and full of life, the Toronto-born, London-bred and New York-based artist was the obvious choice for our exclusive Dôme in the City collection when it came to the creative campaign (check those collages!). What’s more, the first edition of our Dôme in the City collection is inspired by New York City—and Quentin’s story is classic New York (romance! Parties! Art!), like something out of a 21st century Fitzgerald novel.

This ring is only the first of our tributes to the great cities that inspire us (sign up to find out where we're going next!), a notion that is all the more sentimental and special now. In the face of the change the pandemic has forced upon us, New York continues to be our beacon—and Quentin's.

 Here, the artist shares her own love letter to the city that never sleeps.

New York, New York,

I am an artist and film director and I live in New York with my husband and kids. I am half Canadian and half British, and was born in Toronto, but grew up in London.

I graduated from Saint Martins in London nearly ten years ago, where I was studying communication design. I started making stop motion videos and soon after graduating was making them for magazines and brands. I lived here in New York in my twenties and thirties before moving back to London for some years. Every day that I was in London I would get a knot in my stomach thinking of New York.

It's my spiritual home; the energy, the architecture, and the endless adventures.

I first visited when I was 14 with my dad who was on a work trip, and he left me to my own devices. I found it exhilarating and sometimes overwhelming then. My cousin worked at the Guggenheim and took me to their Halloween party, and then on to various house parties. For a 14-year-old from Camden in London it was the most glamorous and eye-opening night.

It was definitely the nightlife [that made me fall in love]; the Tuesdays, Wednesdays or even Sundays evolving into whatever adventure would present itself—anything seemed possible.

More importantly, it was the new amazing friends that I shared these experiences with. Some were older than me, and lived in such a cool bohemian way compared to what I knew in London. My best friend had this unique and charming apartment in the East Village, where we drank countless martinis and smoked out of her fire escape while her birds flew around in the most beautiful antique cage. And we always made it to some extreme yoga or spin class the next day. That was New York for me—extreme in the most all-encompassing way.

Now, I live in Brooklyn, in a four-bedroom house in Cobble Hill, which is a very different experience to my old one-bedroom on East 12th Street and 1st Avenue.

Cobble Hill is breathtakingly pretty and easy to live in. There is something almost European about it: the wide tree lined streets, the cute little coffee spots on most corners, and the food is insane. I love how clean and civilized it feels, while still being a ten minute taxi ride to downtown Manhattan. We love Habino (cute Japanese, with the freshest sushi), Fare and Folk for coffee, The Long Island Bar for martinis and burgers, and Rucola for cosy Italian.

I still love to have fun and go for dinners and sometimes dancing. But then of course most of the year we have been locked down, so we have been having dinners in our garden, and spend endless time walking and cycling back and forth over the Brooklyn Bridge. I cannot wait to have fun in that special New York way again!

My relationship with New York is a tempestuous love that is always inspiring but sometimes unrequited.

New York, New York, I cannot always keep up with you, but love the rush of trying. Perhaps you've noticed me riding over your bridges, and dancing through your streets. I know this letter may never reach you. Tomorrow is another day, and I shall write again and again.

 Yours always,

QJ x


Our limited-edition Dôme in the City collection is Mejuri's very own love letter to our home cities around the world. First up? New York, of course. Take a bite of the Big Apple with a ring inspired by the art-deco facade of the Chrysler building, an iconic symbol of the city's undying spirit.

Photographed by Alec Kugler and Quentin Jones

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