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Paloma Elsesser is the Star of our Fall Campaign

Paloma Elsesser’s name is synonymous with boundary breaking and radical beauty. The model, spokesperson and star of our Fall 2020 campaign is at the centre of a shift in a fashion industry that is finally breaking the size zero mould. 

Fronting campaigns for Fenty Beauty, Glossier, Nike (and Mejuri!) and walking the runway for Fendi, Lanvin and Alexander McQueen, Paloma epitomizes what the new luxury can be: warm, beautiful and real.  

Elsesser’s presence—authentic, assured and always in the moment—is the defining essence of what it means to be good as gold. We went behind the scenes of our shoot in Paloma’s Manhattan apartment and neighborhood to ask her about her own evolution, what self-love means to her and the intimacy of fine jewelry.

In three words, how are you feeling right now?

Crazy, sexy, cool.

What are the rituals or activities you love to do with your family or friends?

I love being wholesome, so spending a day in nature is always nourishing, but as of late centering my day around service has been the best. Every two weeks my friends and I have been selling at a sidewalk sale my friend Aaron put together and all of the generated funds go to different organizations each time. I also love fresh food and good laughter and feeling water on my skin—if I can have all three, that is a literally perfect day.

What are the personal rituals you practice to be present in your life?

I practice meditation and read for at least 30 minutes every day. I genuinely ask and listen to how people are doing—and try not to always have a response.

When it comes to your role in the fashion industry, what makes you most proud?

Meeting womxn in the street who value my work, my position and my efforts. It’s super fulfilling to engage with the people who I want to make space for. Often when I meet these folks it’s like we’re already friends!

Over the last few months, has your sense of self evolved?

Absolutely. I’ve realized how much less I need and how much I appreciate stillness and being home. I’ve felt such a newfound comfort in rest—something I realized I was denying myself.

What is the mantra you repeat to yourself?

Be the girl I didn’t have.

What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love means that there is no arrival, but a commitment to the journey; showing up for all the iterations of self.

What has been like for you in New York during this time?

There have been shifts. The first three months we were super isolated, but as of late it’s been more about gentle and thoughtful time spent with people who I intend to or have been seeing often—my pod. Sitting in the park, eating dinner on a blanket on my roof, taking walks.

How would you describe your personal style? 

Balanced and uniform.

What does jewelry mean to you?

Jewelry means intimacy. It is the item that stays on you the longest and is largely sentimental. Jewelry is highly personal and also intensely versatile as it can be subtle or be the focus of a look.

How would you define your new normal?

More thoughtful, more still.

What makes you feel optimistic? 

This collective shedding we’re experiencing.

What are your greatest hopes for the future?

That we honor this current cataclysm with grace and attention, that we never forget all the things we have and always fight for those who have not.

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Photographed by Shaniqwa Jarvis

Styled by Eric McNeal

Hair by Latisha Chong

Makeup by Raisa Flowers

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