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Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds

A diamond is one of the most special fine jewelry investments you’ll make—and will likely be the cornerstone of your collection. No matter how big or small, no piece is the same, so it’s important to know what to look for when you’re selecting jewelry featuring the precious stone

Whether you’re buying your first diamond, gifting someone or looking to mark a milestone, here is our crystal clear deep dive into everything diamonds. How to buy them, how to care for them and, most importantly, how to wear them.


Lorelai Lee once said “square-cut or pear-shaped these rocks don’t lose their shape” and we’d like to think she was referencing “the 4Cs,” an international grading system that evaluates the quality of a diamond’s color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Here we break it down. 

COLOR: Diamonds are graded in the color department based on a standardized system that runs from D (colorless) to (Z) saturated. The less color a diamond has, the clearer and more brilliantly it shines. 

CLARITY: The amount, size and placement of blemishes (known as “inclusions") in diamonds is measured by their clarity. At Mejuri, our ethically-sourced diamonds are SI 1-2 clarity, meaning they have no blemishes or inclusions apparent to the naked eye.

CUT: Less about shape and more about the proportion, a cut refers to the arrangement of diamond facets. This is to mark the quality of craftsmanship and the amount of brilliance, sparkle and fire in a diamond. Cuts are also a matter of taste. Choose one that you love—there are no "better" or "worse" cuts.

CARAT: This refers to the weight of the diamond. The assumption is that the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone, but diamonds of varying weight are priced based on the quality and level of craftsmanship (a combination of the three other Cs) instead of just their weight.

Stefanie wears Micro-Pavé Diamond Rivière Earrings and Baby Box Chain Necklace

At left, Pave Diamond Hoops; at right, Micro-Pavé Diamond Rivière Necklace


From talismans to symbols of love, diamonds convey many meanings. Each one is individual to the person buying or wearing the diamond—whether you’re gifting one, or investing in one for yourself. 

Buying a diamond is largely a visual process. The combination of diamonds that excites you the most, is the right one for you. It might sound superstitious, but a diamond often chooses you, so trust your eyes, your heart and your brain.

Aluad wears Pavé Diamond Round Studs, Pavé Diamond Midi Hoops, Thin Dôme Ring and Pavé Diamond Thin Dôme Ring


At left, Pavé Diamond Slim Signet, Thin Dôme Ring and Pavé Diamond Thin Dôme Ring; at right, Pavé Diamond Round Necklace


Consider “care” the fifth C, if you will. Like all fine jewelry, it’s important to treat diamonds with care.

If you’re going the DIY route, use warm water, detergent-free soap and a soft-bristled brush, rinsing the stone and setting afterward to ensure there is no residue. 

Always store your diamonds in a safe, dry place when not worn, laying diamond necklaces and bracelets, like the Micro-Pavé Diamond Rivière Choker or the Diamond Tennis Bracelet flat, to keep them in fine condition.

Anya wears Solo Trillion Diamond Necklace, Solo Square Diamond Necklace and Diamond Necklace

At left, Essential Cuff, Sphere Studs and Round Diamond Studs; at right, Solo Trillion Diamond Necklace


At Mejuri, we’re firm believers that diamonds can—and should—be worn everyday. It might sound counterintuitive, but stacking your diamonds with other 14k favorites will make even the simplest white t-shirt will immediately be elevated. Dressing up? Let your sparkliest pieces stand alone and steal the spotlight.

Ready to take a deep dive on diamonds? The pros know best. Book a Virtual Shopping Appointment with a Mejuri Stylist and get a personal one-on-one session where you can get answers to all your styling, sizing, product and craftsmanship questions. The best part? You get to see your wishlist pieces up close.

Shani wears Stacker Ring, Thin Dôme Ring and Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Ring

At left, Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Hoops, Round Diamond Studs, Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Ring and Thin Dôme Ring; at right, Thin Dôme Ring, Pavé Diamond Croissant Dôme Ring, Diamonds Open Ring and Stacker Ring

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