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Mejuri x GANNI

2 Brand besties, 4 limited-edition styles.

Bonded by our mutual love of community, sustainability, and, of course, great style comes a collab that celebrates luck and friendship in the coolest way: chunky chains and mixed metals. 

Test Your Luck

Enter your information for a chance to win $500 each from Mejuri and GANNI to shop the limited-edition collab and more. 

Mejuri x GANNI will be available in North American stores, online at and, and in select international markets.

Shop The Look
Model has a big smile on her face. She is wearing the Ganni Chain Necklace with a mixed metal clover charm.
Mode is wearing a frilly oversized peter pan collar white shirt, with a fuzzy white sweater. Her hands are on her collar bones and she has Mejuri x Ganni mixed metal clover rings on her fingers.


A best friend is like a four-leaf clover—hard to find, lucky to have. We tapped three sets of real-life best friends with different origin stories to star in the campaign and captured their unique bonds.



Sisters by blood, besties by choice. Yumi and Natalie share more than just good genes.

“Because we grew up together, we share a lot of memories. I can be like, “Remember the time when...” and she’ll know exactly what I’m talking about because we were under the same roof.”

Yumi and Natalie are hugging each other. They are wearing all Mejuri X Ganni jewelry.
Model is wearing a denim jacket and Mejuri X Ganni Hoops.
Model is wearing her box braids back into a larger braid. She is shot from the side against a yellow background. She is wearing Mejuri x Ganni hoops stacked together on one ear.
Model is resting her head on her arm and looking into the camera. She is wearing the Mejuri X Ganni bracelet.



A random meet-cute in the streets of Husum, CP, five years ago (thanks to their mutual boyfriends at the time) sparked a long-term friendship between Tonia and Karla.

”We just stood there next to them like two awkward teenagers and smiled at each other until Tonia initiated a conversation that sparked our friendship. We don’t see each other often, but when we do, we always leave feeling inspired and motivated.”

Tonia and Karla are standing back to back. They are wearing matching Mejuri x Ganni Clover hoop earrings

Filipa & Angel 


Like many childhood friendships, dance school bonded Angel and Filipa from a young age. 

“We spent many hours each week dancing and laughing—it brought us together. When one of us feels down, we try to make each other laugh with jokes and funny stories from our many good times at the dance school and backstage before shows.”

Filipa & Angel are hugging each other. They are wearing matching Mejuri x Ganni jewelry.


Based in Copenhagen and owned and run by the husband-and-wife team of Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup and Founder Nicolaj Reffstrup, GANNI has developed exponentially over recent years with its Scandi 2.0 sense of style, full of personality and contrast. GANNI is all about making the community who wear their clothes feel even more confident and capable of anything. GANNI is a B Corp-certified company on a journey to become the most responsible version of itself. 

Mejuri logo is stacked on top of Ganni logo. Both are in san serif fonts and white against a black background.

Mejuri x GANNI: Exclusive Jewelry Collection

Dive into the captivating world of the GANNI x Mejuri jewelry collaboration, where the distinctive edge of GANNI's fashion-forward designs meets the timeless elegance of Mejuri's fine craftsmanship. This unique partnership has birthed a collection that embodies the essence of both brands, offering pieces that are not only trendsetting but also meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. From bold, statement pieces that capture GANNI's fearless aesthetic to the refined, understated elegance that Mejuri is renowned for, this collaboration is a celebration of modern femininity. Each piece in the collection is designed to be versatile, empowering wearers to express their individual style with confidence. Discover the synergy of style and craftsmanship in the GANNI x Mejuri collaboration, a testament to the power of creative collaboration in the world of contemporary jewelry.

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