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Gemstones 101: How To Shop By Color

Color shy? We get it: We love our classic silver and gold too, but there’s nothing a pop of color can’t do to amp up your entire ensemble—and mood. 

And if you’re all for going bold, then we’ve got plenty of new styles for you to explore (cue Candy Dome, Floating Gemstones, and most recently, Gemstone Station).

Here are some tips and tricks to stacking color confidently this season and beyond.

Playful & Chatty

Stack it to feel: Carefree. Adding these eye-catching hues to your stack shows you have a fun side. You don’t take life too seriously, which draws people in. Hello, social butterfly!

Vibey & Chill 

Stack it to feel: Energized. Due to its natural vibe, green brings a sense of renewal to your stack and keeps you feeling centered during times of uncertainty or overstimulation.

Cheery & Warm 

Stack it to feel: Joyful. These happy hues instantly warm up your stack, especially one that favors silver or white gold. And like the planets gravitate towards the sun, so will people towards you.

Cool & Serene 

Stack it to feel: Calm. Like waves crashing on the sand or raindrops on a window pane, blue adds the perfect splash of tranquility to your stack and a wash of peace to your mind. 


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