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Behind The Fine: The Story of Our Collectibles Collection


Did you hear? The Y2K boom is back, and the charm bracelet is the poster child of this nostalgic era.  But how can we reimagine charm jewelry the Mejuri way? Cue the Collectibles—a collection of charm jewelry essentials designed for endless personalization (like the legendary Cady Heron once said, the limit does not exist).

Take a closer look at how the collection came to life with our Director of Jewelry Design, Yunjo Lee, as she walks us through her design process and the charms she loves to stack her story.

How did the idea for the Collectibles come about?
The multifaceted nature of people inspires us all the time. We believe individuality is beautiful and wanted to create a collection that celebrates this. 

The cool thing about Collectibles is that it allows for infinite creativity. The chain bracelet and necklace provide an open canvas for you to customize with our charms and pendants. There’s something so empowering about curating your own story.

Featured above: Paperclip Chain Charm Bracelet, Large Round Tag Charm Pendant, Pearl Drop Charm and Pavé Diamond Star Charm

Walk us through the design process for the collection. 
We took inspiration from our best-selling Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace for that effortless, goes-with-anything look and added our double-duty Stacker Clasp to swap charms in and out easily.

And the charm series is very celestial—hence the planet, star, and moon. We love this motif because it reminds us that something greater is out there and captures the experience of looking up at the night sky and feeling hopeful.

Featured above: Paperclip Chain Charm Bracelet, Pavé Diamond Lightning Bolt Charm, Pavé Diamond Circle Charm PendantLarge Round Tag Charm PendantPavé Diamond Star Charm

When it comes to "collecting" jewelry, what do you think makes a piece worth keeping (and wearing) forever? 
If a piece of jewelry sparks memories of a time, person, or place, it’s worth keeping.

Our aim with the Collectibles is to hold the things that matter most to you close. We handcrafted each piece in durable 14k gold with precious gemstones, so the quality stands the test of time. As you evolve as a person, so does your stack.

Featured above: Paperclip Chain Charm Necklace, Pavé Diamond Moon Charm, Long Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace and Large Round Tag Charm Pendant 

“ We believe individuality is beautiful and wanted to create a collection that celebrates this.

Featured above: Paperclip Chain Charm Bracelet, Pavé Diamond Moon Charm and Malachite Drop Charm

Which piece is your favorite and why? 
I'm not one for playing favorites, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Pavé Diamond Star Charm. David Bowie's fascination with space and his rock and roll spirit inspired this one, as well as our moon and bolt charms; they all have a bit of an edge that looks punchy.

The Biwa Pearl Charm is also very distinct. There's something so striking about how imperfect it is; it's our gift from nature, and no two are the same.

Featured above: Paperclip Chain Charm Bracelet, Heirloom Charm Pendant and Pavé Diamond Lightning Bolt Charm


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