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Introducing our Collaboration with Fashion Editor Sarah Harris

When it comes to collaborating, we try to work with those who share our outlook on jewelry (the very finest of fine, but not so precious you’re afraid to wear it every day), and those whose taste we truly trust and admire. Sarah Harris is exactly that person. She not only inspires through her own impeccable style, but also literally shapes how the British dress as Deputy Editor and Fashion Features Director at British Vogue. Mostly, it was the discreet luxury of Sarah's style signatures—the perfect cashmere sweater, the best-fitting trousers—that made her perfect partner.

Our collaboration features two new earrings inspired by our iconic (and her most worn) piece: the Bold Chain Ring. They are the kind of effortless pieces that will level up your look to that of a fashion editor.


So what makes Sarah tick (and made this collaboration come together)? Following our shoot at the editor’s supremely stylish Notting Hill home, we found out.

Describe your personal style. 

My style is very simple. I think great style comes from confidence, and that comes from feeling comfortable in your clothes. I can’t wear anything that doesn’t feel good next to my skin.

What are your signature jewelry pieces?

I have a necklace with my daughter Dree’s date of birth and initials engraved; I wear it every day. Along with Mejuri’s Diamond Necklace, those are pieces that I never take off.   

How did this partnership come about?

I always think if I didn’t work in fashion I would have worked in jewellery in some capacity—if not for an jewellery house then possibly an auction house. I love browsing the catalogues; it’s the ultimate window shopping. When Mejuri asked me to collaborate on a design, I was thrilled.

How did you approach the design of these earrings?

I already had the Bold Chain Ring; it’s a piece that I wear every day. My first idea for this collaboration was to develop that same curb link chain into an earring. Then we started thinking about it more... Personally, I love yellow gold jewellery and I often wear black—I love that combination of black and gold together—so the idea of using black enamel in the design came from that.

“We decided upon earrings, as opposed to a ring, because they’re one size and they work on everyone.”

How do you style your earrings?

I love that earrings can be worn day or night, dressed up or down, and they look as good with jeans and a t-shirt as they do with a black cocktail dress. The design itself is so classic, which is why these earrings are so easy to wear with any other jewellery.

What are your style rules to live by? 

I think it’s important to invest in good quality pieces. I would rather have one very good suit than five average ones, and the same goes for most other items in my wardrobe.

How are you celebrating the holidays this year? 

Who knows how we will celebrate! We will probably be in London or the English countryside. Regardless, I can’t wait to give the earrings to my nearest and dearest.

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