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Photographer Kacey Jeffers Styles 1 Chain 5 Ways


Inspired by the sensibilities of fashion photography, Kacey Jeffers’ work is somehow simultaneously nostalgic yet grounded in the present. Look closely and you’ll see playfulness, a star quality in his subjects (and himself). As Jeffers continues to use photography to explore not just others but the many facets to himself, Jeffers captured his first foray into fine jewelry through a series of self-portraits featuring iconic Mejuri staples.

The New York-based photographer admits that jewelry has never really been his thing, which is why it came as no surprise that Jeffers gravitated toward a fine jewelry staple as essential as a white T: the ubiquitous chain necklace. From there, Jeffers explores how jewelry complements identity, each playing into the other. The self-taught Nevis-born artist pieced together his own story by exploring the stories we tell ourselves about how we should exist in the world—and then reconstructing those ideas through his work. Here, Jeffers tells us about how his book UNIFORM was born, how fine jewelry plays a role in revealing one’s true self, and the impact of a not-so-simple gold chain.

I have a confession: I’ve never worn jewelry before.

I thought: Too much accouterment, too much attention, too much fuss, too much [of] what-will-people-think. But, it’s my year of yes! I love that Mejuri pieces are subtle, understated, and personal. Each tells its own story. Each adds to mine.

Masculin/féminin: Kacey plays with bold pearls, a classic leather jacket and textured 14k layers.

Playing with texture and light in the Confetti Chain Necklace, Baby Box Chain NecklaceBoyfriend Bold Chain Necklace and Black Onyx Square Signet Ring

“I started to think even more about the potential of photography to make people feel seen when I returned to Nevis after three years of living in the U.S. In that time, I published my first book, UNIFORM, which features 26 in situ portraits of Nevisian students in their school clothes. In the process of being a vessel for the stories of these kids, I, in turn, felt seen.

“Whether through meditating, doing yoga, or reading, I am challenging myself to unlearn outmoded ideas of how one should exist.

Wearing jewelry in a de-gendered way empowers me to continue to craft the story of my becoming, piece by piece.


Images and words by Kacey Jeffers. 
Website : 
Special thanks to Make Magic Studios

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