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All About Chains: How-To Step Up Your Necklace Stack

Think of your go-to crisp white button-up or worn-too-many-times-to-count pair of denim. What do they have in common? They are the backbones of your wardrobe and the base of your capsule collection.

The same can be said for chains—a tried and true staple of any fine jewelry collection for adding a bit of edge. And while you may occasionally play favorites, a solid rotation of chains of varying textures, lengths, and materials can do wonders for any look (the more, the merrier, really).

Check out our guide to all things chains, updated with our latest styles (like our Paperclip Chain Charm Necklace or Titanium Curb Chain), and get inspired for your next necklace stack.


No two chains are the same. Each pattern performs a different styling function to create a textured stack that stands out on its own or together.

1. Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace, 2. Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace, From top; 3. Flat Curb Chain Necklace, Curb Chain Necklace 4. Chain Necklace, From left; Square Box Chain Necklace, Baby Box Chain Necklace 6. Serpentine Chain Necklace, 7. Anchor Chain Necklace

1. Link
A series of wide, cohesive links create a flexible, bold chain.

2. Herringbone
Flat, slanted chain links parallel to each other give a sleek and fluid look.

3. Curb
Flattened solid loops link together to create a sturdy and stable structure.

4. Cable
Made up of symmetrical, uniform links, ideal for hanging pendants on.

5. Box
The box shape creates a stable chain pattern that glistens from any angle.

6. Serpentine
Flat, braided links connect for a shiny, slinky statement.

7. Anchor
Interconnected links resemble a ship’s chain holding an anchor.


Each of our chains is handcrafted in metals like 14k solid gold, gold vermeil, titanium, and sterling silver. Each finish has a variety of tones, from shiny to matte.

1.  5mm Curb Chain Necklace, 2. Double Curb Chain Necklace, 3. 5mm Curb Chain Necklace, 5mm Curb Chain Necklace Black Titanium

1. 14k Solid Gold
The 14k alloy gives our yellow and white gold pieces a lasting shine without worrying about oxidation or discoloration.

2. Vermeil
A thick layer of 18k solid gold over sterling silver gives pieces durability and a bold golden tone.

3. Titanium

Featherweight in feel, this material is highly corrosion-resistant and durable for a lasting shine.

4. Sterling Silver
A lightweight metal made of 92.5% pure silver that’s highly durable and designed for everyday wear.


To style your chains, follow these fool-proof starter packs to elevate your stack. Remember, the key is to mix lengths with textures for a dynamic look.


A classic combo that you can add to or remove from to keep it sleek yet elevated.


A stack where attitude is necessary. Say it loud with the boldest chains.


A play on textures here creates a fluid effect that catches the light when you move.


Our chains come in lengths from 14” to 26” (many of them are adjustable by two inches). Plus, you can add an extender to customize the length of your favorite necklace.

CHAINS 14" - 18"

CHAINS 20" - 26"

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