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Rajni Jacques on the Big Small Things

Rajni Jacques is a busy woman. Between parenting and her role as  Allure’s Fashion Director, she’s also a creative consultant, with past editor stints at Teen Vogue, Nylon, Glamour and more. We caught up with the Brooklyn-based style expert to talk about Black motherhood, feeling connected to the movement and being selfish about time.  

Describe yourself in whatever terms feel right to you in 10 words or less.
Tired, exhausted, angry but still committed. Uncertain, but okay about it as long as I have my core people. Connected to myself. Connected to the movement for real change.

Describe what you do for a living.
Fashion director and creative lead.

How would you describe your personal style?
Denim paired with T-shirts and crop-tops. A slip dress is always in the mix too. Easy, but styled.

What is your most treasured possession and why?
A sapphire ring my mom gave me when I was three years old.

What jewelry do you wear every day?
I wear my wedding ring and a tangled nameplate necklace with my kids’ names on it (Diego & Lucienne).

What pieces are in your ultimate stack?
In my ultimate stack are a pair of gold and brass rings, gold hoops, and pearl earrings that have my initials.

What jewelry is most meaningful to you and why?
My most meaningful pieces are always the pieces my mother gave me. They are so meaningful that some are in a safe. They have memories I smile about every time I look at them or wear them.

Describe the last time you invested in yourself?
Last week, I braided my hair and put on some lipstick.

What are you wearing when you feel your best?
Jeans and a crop top or t-shirt. Oh, and a simple slip dress.

How do you define the word fine?
I define "fine" as precious.

Who are the people that make you feel special?
My family. David, Diego, and Lucienne. And my family who raised me.

Who is your greatest influence?
My Mom. My grandmothers. And myself.

What is your greatest inspiration?
The Haitian people and the Haitian culture.

What are you selfish about?
My time.

What little luxury do you indulge in every day?
Face creams and serums and even more face creams.

What are the small things that make all the difference in your life?
Simple things. Like sprinkles on ice cream. Kisses in the morning. Sunny days. Equality.

Who is the first person you call with news?
My husband David.

When’s your *golden hour*?
I love the hours between 4 and 7 pm.

When do you feel most vulnerable?
On the internet. Also when I wake up.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
First thing I do is use the bathroom. And look at myself in the mirror. Last thing I do is think of potential for the next day while brushing my teeth.

What makes you most proud?
How I've grown as a mother and how I've surrounded myself with people that truly root for me. How I've found a deeper reason to fight through my children.

What is your greatest hope? Your greatest fear?
Hope - to see my children become great, loving people. And to also see them build a world that we've never seen before.

Fear - that the violence against Black people, especially men, will be status quo. I have a son. Fear - that my daughter will not be as respected and revered because of her color. Black girls are the least protected in this society. It's a fear that I can not escape. It's a fear that I live with everyday. A fear they don't know about yet. But one that they will have to learn. I worry for their future every second... all while facing my own racial obstacles in this world. It is heavy to think of this every day.

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