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Stack with Intention: The Story of Our Coin Pendants

Much like the way you’d wear your favorite person’s initials, a birthstone or your go-to color—the style choices we make every day can often go beyond their aesthetic appeal. 

Sometimes it’s about holding onto a memory, how you’re feeling or what you’d like to say (without having to say a word). Maybe it’s a family heirloom or your chosen reminder to remain resilient. One of our favorite ways to add that context to our personal style is with a pendant. It’s why we designed our latest collection that features six coin pendants and three pendant necklaces, where each symbol is stacked with meaning. It's a defining style, handcrafted with both incredible attention to detail and intention. Plus, they’re available in our bestselling materials: 14k gold, 18k gold vermeil and sterling silver

Read on to hear from our Director of Jewelry Design, Yunjo Lee, to see how this collection went from idea to golden creation.


But, there’s a lot more to it. “We have a unique approach to design where each piece is meticulously considered. With these pendants, the coin shape serves as a canvas for the motif to live on,” Yunjo explains. And for this symbol, there’s a nature-inspired narrative: “The scarab has beams of light as its background with a scalloped border.”



A reminder of our individual sense of self amongst everyday noise.

Featured at left is a preliminary sketch of the Resilience Scarab Coin Pendant by Yunjo

Yunjo tells us that all layers—from the chosen symbol to the border and the background pattern—share interconnected meanings: “This background was designed with sun rays and the border was inspired by Greek columns—created to illustrate the eye’s strong gaze. It tells a story of being fearless and unafraid.”

Pictured above: Long Chain Necklace, Courage Evil Eye Coin Pendant and Round Box Chain Necklace

“The rose has an angled, spiky border and a chevron background to depict its thorns and to bring a new edge to the classic symbol.”

Our original collection of coin pendants drew inspiration from Greek mythology and renaissance paintings, “These stories and artworks help you travel back in time, where you can wander and dream, yet they still have modern significance.”

Pictured left: Tiny Pearl Necklace, Long Chain Necklace, Strength Rose Coin Pendant and Dôme Cuff Bracelet. Pictured at right is a preliminary sketch of the Strength Rose Coin Pendant by Yunjo

Our coin pendants are collectibles. Yunjo explains that they can represent a certain milestone or time in your life, “Each design has the ability to evoke images that take you on a journey. It’s a great way to tell your story. When you see it, it reminds you of yourself at that specific time—and that’s an empowering moment.”


Each motif has a distinct meaning—but the coin itself is symbolic in its own right. It’s a fresh take on the legendary amulet and circles are said to represent wholeness: “The circular coin shape feels universal in that it holds each symbol in a harmonious way,” Yunjo says. When you hold this style, the shape provides a golden opportunity to set your intention.

Pictured above: Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace, Long Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace and Victory Winged Coin Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver


Listen, we have a lot of pieces that would make the perfect gift… but this collection is truly a crowd pleaser. “Jewelry is so much about emotional connection and when you give yourself or a loved one a style that has deep meaning, it’s a reminder of that connection.”

Need an expert-approved reco? “The Strength Rose Coin Pendant is my favorite symbol because it’s a timeless flower—but we designed it with an edgier depiction that resonates with all. It makes things much more interesting to me.”

Gift (or keep) this personalized piece. And, if you can’t possibly decide on a symbol, may we suggest flipping a coin?


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