About Mejuri

Our History

Noura, Mejuri’s Co-founder, grew up seeing her father work on his jewelry business, carefully curating the collections he offers, travelling around the world to bring beautiful and unique pieces to his customers.

After seeing her father diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and the impact it had on his business, she refused to let the vast pool of knowledge she was left with go to waste. Wanting to keep her family’s passion for jewelry alive, Noura and her team started a company that introduced innovative changes to the jewelry business. She wanted to create a model that introduced value to every person involved in the jewelry creation process.

Mejuri was created by combining the power of creative independent designers and in house manufacturing expertise to offer customers unique, carefully selected quality products. Today, Mejuri makes unique exclusive jewelry while putting global designers in the spotlight. Mejuri empowers its customers by including them in the product selection process, connecting them with global designers, and offering customization options that suit their needs.


Our Founder


An innovator, a jewelry lover and a supporter of independent designers. Noura is the third generation in her family to work in fine jewelry. Growing up, Noura witnessed the details of running a jewelry business.

As Mejuri’s co-founder, Noura has harnessed her passion for jewelry, her strong business skills, and support for independent designers to grow a company that brings joy to jewelry lovers and helps designers get their names out there.

Named one of the 10 web savvy entrepreneurs to watch on Yahoo and a winner of multiple business awards. Noura’s passion, perseverance, and innovation is infectious. She is passionate about giving back to the community through many initiatives and is currently part of the board of directors at GoodWill.

As the leading force behind Mejuri, Noura inspires the company and its employees to succeed through positivity, hard work, and integrity.

Our Beliefs


Mejuri believes in empowering independent designers and supporting their creativity. Mejuri focuses on putting the designers in the spotlight and allowing customers to see, interact, and get access to unique products.


Social responsibility is one of the core values at Mejuri. Mejuri deals with diamond suppliers who follow ethical practices and deal with certified conflict free sources. (Ethical Pledge Foundation)


All of our pieces are made with great attention to detail through our manufacturing network that has been operating since 1953. Mejuri is committed to constantly provide unique and quality jewelry.


Mejuri believes that our customers are the best brand ambassadors. Therefore, Mejuri’s philosophy is about evolving, continuously improving, and accommodating our customers’ needs.


Mejuri pieces are made with love and attention from the moment they are designed by independent designers, voted on by global trendsetters, and brought to life by our manufacturers.