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Behind our new Collaboration With Editor Sarah Harris

Fashion editors are one of those rare breeds that seem to always be ahead of the curve. It’s no wonder the “editor’s pick” comes with such great authority—it bears with it the seal of approval courtesy an exclusive stylish know-how like that possessed by our favorite serial collaborator, Sarah Harris

As one of London’s most feted editors and tastemakers, Harris’ sartorial proposition of discreet luxury in her everyday essentials makes for a partnership so perfect, we came back for more. This year, the longtime fashion authority sought to create a timeless addition to our jewelry boxes in the form of convertible chain link earrings that can be styled from day to night, with ease. Think of these two perfect earrings—one in 14k solid gold and pavé diamonds, the other in 18k vermeil and sterling silver—as the perfect "prepare for the holiday season" purchase. Read on for an exclusive interview with Harris herself.

This is your second collaboration with Mejuri. What was different this time?

I loved working on the first collaboration and because it was received so well it made sense to work on a second one together. I had so many DMs asking if our original chain earrings would be restocked, so I was excited to do another.

Sarah Harris wears Stacker Ring, Harris Two-Tone Convertible Link Earrings, Harris Pavé Diamond Convertible Link Earrings, Large Diamond Studs and Diamond Necklace

Why earrings? 

We decided upon earrings again because they are so universally appealing and I love how they have the power to bring light to your face and instantly dress something up. There are also no fit issues: I like the idea of one size fits all. 


Tell us about the inspiration and design.

I was super keen to incorporate diamonds this time and we wanted to extend the idea of the chain again. Personally, I love chain designs. I wear a vintage gold chain necklace that I never take off. There are so many possibilities with designs on chains, options are endless. I knew I wanted something that was interchangeable, a design that could be worn in multiple ways; just like the chain earrings from the first collaboration that could be worn long or looped back, I liked the idea of having an earring that could be added to or subtracted, depending on mood or occasion. So we decided upon two designs. One features a small link, in gold with pavé diamonds, which can be worn alone or with the second link attached, and then the second design mixes metals, so the first link is in yellow gold and the second is in silver and elongated for a different look to the other design.

At left, Harris Two-Tone Convertible Link Earrings; at right, Harris Pavé Diamond Convertible Link Earrings

Which earring would you wear for every day and how would you style it?

I truly love both earrings, but I would definitely wear the earrings with pavé diamonds for every day. I’ve always worn little diamond huggie hoops, so these are an extension of that idea. I think they look equally as good with or without the second link. 


What are your rules when it comes to mixing metals and stones?

I love mixing metals. I actually don’t think there are any rules anymore about that. It used to be you were only ever all yellow gold, or all silver, but that adage seems pretty outdated now. The Harris Two-Tone Convertible Link Earrings are also an ideal gift for someone if you’re not sure what metal their preference is—give them both in one.

Sarah wears, Square Diamond Studs, Large Diamond Studs, Harris Pavé Diamond Convertible Link Earrings, Diamond Necklace, Baby Box Chain Necklace and Diamond Letter Pendant

What jewelry do you wear every day?

I always wear my vintage yellow gold necklace every day, I never take it off. Likewise my multiple piercings which I sleep in. Having said that, earrings are something I change more readily because I think they have a bigger impact in terms of style. But they have to be comfortable. When making these I was conscious not to make them too weighty, they have to be light enough to wear all day should you want to, which I think these are. 

You shot this campaign on the streets of London. How have you rediscovered London in the past few months?

It’s great now that London is opening up more. Lots of friends escaped to the countryside during the lockdown, but we pretty much stayed in the city and it was quite incredible to be there during that time, when the roads were empty and there wasn’t a soul on the streets. I live in Notting Hill which has always had a community feeling. I like to support local businesses in the area now that restaurants and coffee shops are reopening. Coffee Plant on Portobello is a favorite, daily stop for me, and Osteria Basilico is a good Italian that I often go to. In Mayfair I love eating at Scott's and The Wolseley, and Annabel's for a sensory overload, and you can’t beat cocktails at Claridges.

Sarah wears, Square Diamond Studs, Large Diamond StudsHarris Pavé Diamond Convertible Link Earrings and Diamonds Team Ring

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Having spent last Christmas in the UK, we’re hoping to escape to the sun this holiday season, but with the world as it is right now, it’s almost impossible to plan. Let’s see how it pans out. Either way, the earrings will work equally well with a bikini on the beach or wrapped in cashmere at home.

Sarah wears Harris Two-Tone Convertible Link Earrings, Large Diamond Studs and Diamonds Team Ring


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