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A Photographer’s Love Letter to San Francisco

December 30, 2020Fine Files

Our ongoing series Dôme and the City is a celebration of our home cities around the world. From NYC to Boston, we’ve paid homage to these cities with a unique collection of rings based on our iconic Dôme design with inspiration taken from everywhere from LA's literal and figurative stars to Toronto's iconic skyline. Our next stop on the journey? San Francisco, a place defined by its colorful buildings (and history), its fog, the Golden Gate Bridge—all making up the inspiration behind the San Francisco Dôme design

How do you capture all that in one love letter? Let Anna-Alexia Basile, a San Franciscan photographer who sees the world through rose-colored glasses, show you how.  

“inhaling the scent of creativity, the currency of connection, endless steep and windy roads, to find your inner direction.”

Photography by Anna-Alexia Basile and Matt Ininns

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