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In the Studio with Surrealist Painter Jeanine Brito

June 3, 2022Fine Files

In at least one respect, the pandemic paved the way for something good for artist Jeanine Brito: she had more time to pursue painting, which then allowed her to pursue her long-held passion for the medium full-time. While adorning her painting studio with our gemstones, pearls, and diamonds, we chatted about other forms of rich colors and patterns she gravitates to in fashion, art, and life.

Jeanine Brito wears Duet Ring, Thin Bangle and Tiny Pearl Necklace

How and when did you begin to paint?
I started painting and drawing as a child, and I went to a fine arts high school so I could specialize in painting. But it didn’t really occur to me that it could be a career, that I could try to be an artist instead of having a traditional job. During the lockdown, suddenly I had time to make painting a daily practice. I started showing work in the fall of 2021, and in January decided to quit my job and to focus on painting full time.

Featured above: Thin Bangle and Gemstone Ear Jacket Studs Garnet

With your work being inspired by the idea of desire, what is it you most desire for yourself and the world right now?
What I desire most for myself is just to be able to keep making work that fulfills me, to keep getting better technically and conceptually, to get closer to the best version of myself—a lifelong project, probably. When it comes to what I desire for the world, it’s the creation of equitable systems in place of old oppressive ones, and protecting our precious little planet.

If brush strokes are to canvas what accessories are to the body, what is your ultimate expression when getting dressed and accessorizing?
Like in my painting, I gravitate toward rich colors and patterns when I get dressed. For accessories, I have my go-to daily pieces that I’m usually always wearing, like a little gold bear pendant that my grandfather gave me when I was a baby. Then I like to layer on top of that with bolder statement pieces—a cocktail ring or two, earrings that dangle for a bit of movement.

Featured above: Tiny Pearl Necklace and Metallic Sphere Bracelet

What is your first, or fondest memory relating to jewelry?
The first time I bought myself jewelry. I was 24, visiting New York with one of my closest friends, and we ended up in a tiny jewelry shop. I had just had my heart broken, and buying that little gold dagger pendant felt like such a powerful statement, like I was choosing myself. I wore it like an amulet.

Jeanine wears Daily Stacker Ring, Heirloom Ring Garnet, Metallic Sphere Bracelet and Thin Bangle

With your work being shown in galleries across the world, is there anything else you are looking forward to both personally and professionally?
I can’t say too much yet, but I’m very excited for my first solo exhibition in the fall, and I have a few other group shows coming up as well—next is called Power of Femininity in Goldau, Switzerland’s Kutlesa Gallery. Personally, I’m looking forward to warmer weather and beginning work on my little balcony garden—I love to plant things that grow a bit wild, like impatiens and ivy.

Featured above: Pavé Diamond Cushion Ring

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