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How One Couple Brings Timeless Cool to Beach Living

October 5, 2020Fine Files

In 2016, NYC cool guys Jeffrey Dickhaus and George MacPherson met amidst a whirlwind of life changes. Four years, a move from Brooklyn to Fire Island and a Puerto Rican rescue named Petal later, the rest is, as they say, history. We caught up with the stylish duo to talk about beach living, personal style and how they blend sleek fine jewelry with laid back living. 

Describe what you do for a living.

JD: "I do creative production in multiple venues, from window displays and visual merchandising to store interiors, home and interior design. I'm currently working on a homeware brand with friends in Marrakesh."

GM: "I used to say public relations having worked and been educated in that space for almost 20 years. These days I run a small consultancy, partnering with fashion brands and non profits furthering their aims to create a more sustainable and impact-driven industry."

Tell us a little bit about your life on Fire Island.

JD: "A series of thoughtful decisions about our future and the generosity of incredible friends led to heading out here. An average day is quiet and relaxing: waking up to Petal coming back from the beach, I ease into a work day, inside and outside, perhaps a workout, or more likely a nap, of course a happy hour to finish off our  “work day” and we usually end up setting a fire, have night walks on the beach, coming up with new things to make each other for dinner, and TV or a movie. If I can find the time to sketch, I will spend a bit of time on that."

GM:  "It’s been incredibly restful, and the isolation has also made me really focus on work because other than our dog walks by the ocean, there’s very little distractions available!"

When did you meet?

JD: "We met four years ago amidst a whirlwind of life changes. It was an immediate connection of excitement and fun, support, challenges and adventure."

GM: "I think we’re both a good mix of dreamers and doers. When one of us is dreaming, the other one is doing!"

What is your favorite thing about the other person?

JD: "My favorite part is George's unwavering push to challenge and his encouragement to keep learning what I know about myself, about him, about relationships, and about the world. Or when he breaks out into song at full volume."

GM: "Jeff’s eyes, and his absolute care of all of the people in his life that he is closest too."

What is something that you share that best epitomizes your relationship?

JD: Our sense of adventure is an absolute—an endeavor into the unknown—and our make it up as you go mentality.

GM: I think I have to say either Petal, our one-year-old Puerto Rican rescue puppy, and our time spent walking the dog together. Or travelling—we’ve been lucky enough to adventure to some beautiful places together and those trips have both given us unique memories and both totally solidified and tested our relationship. AND! The Real Housewives franchise—as a guilty pleasure.

How would you describe your personal style?

JD: Most likely I’m in white Converse high tops, breezy oversized shorts or pants and a T-shirt. As fall sets in, I absolutely love a strange, colorful knit sweater from my friend Henry Zankov’s new brand. I’ve got a mix of high and low, and have relaxed in many ways in regards to getting ready in the morning, brought on by the practicalities of accidental beach living.

GM: I will wear shorts until November if I can! We took a bunch of clothes with us across these summer months out of the city and it’s been interesting to see what I’ve actually chosen to keep wearing: a pair of high waisted M. Crow denim rodeo jeans (I have two pairs) and a much loved T-shirt. I tend to wear the same things to death mostly out of love for certain items and also out of relative laziness. 

What are your favorite Mejuri pieces?

JD: "I love the Chain Necklace and the Bold Link Chain Necklace in their simplistic beauty, and of course anything with diamonds. The Diamond Tennis Bracelet reminds me of my mother, it was something she wore all the time whether she was at work, working in the garden or coming up with some sort of construction project for our home."

GM: "The gold chains are beautifully constructed yet simple and light."

Describe the last time you invested in yourself?

JD: "This year, as many of us have, I lost my job because of COVID-19. During this time, I've set out to revamp my own consulting company, take time to figure out what I want versus what I need, and be patient with the process of inspiration and creativity. I'm mentally re-setting myself during this upheaval of what day to day life was and will be."

Who is your greatest influence?

JD: "My mother."

GM: "Janaya Khan—I think they are a modern day prophet."

What are the small things that make all the difference in your life?

JD: "Finding little Post-it notes that we’ve left for each other hidden through the home, in a book, on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror."

GM: "Hot outdoor showers after a swim in the ocean."

When’s your *golden hour*?

JD: "Naptime, or cooking and hosting for friends."

GM: "7:15 AM, morning dog walks with Petal when I get to wake up without bothering anyone."

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

JD: "The first thing I do in the morning is poke around for a bit, sort of like a Roomba: coffee, to shower, to phone, to hang out with Petal. It’s automatic but never quite coherent. The last thing I do before I go to sleep is either only make it through half of a movie, or I play a few games of Mario Kart."

GM: "Meditate and meditate! That sounds trite, but I’ve managed to get into a good rhythm out here in the mornings before I touch anything else, and at night I have difficulty getting to sleep so I meditate to fall asleep."

What is your greatest hope? Your greatest fear?

JD: "I hope to keep learning more, unlearning more, and create things that make people happy—to add something to their day, big or small. My greatest fear is being complacent."

GM: "2020."

Photography by Alec Kugler

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