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Meet Mejuri’s Other Co-Founder, Majed Masad

March 17, 2021Fine Files

Alongside every co-founder is, well, another co-founder—equally crucial to the company’s success, but often behind the scenes. At Mejuri, we know him as Majed Masad a.k.a “Maj", our president and COO, and the yin to CEO Noura Sakkijha’s yang. Maj also happens to be Noura’s husband—and the two form the steady partnership that is the basis for every little thing you know and love about Mejuri. While Maj’s work is indeed behind the scenes, he plays a major role as the inspiration behind our men’s fine jewelry collection, lending his most personal pieces to create our most iconic ones. We figured it was high time to give him his fair share of the spotlight—and who better to introduce our latest men’s collection? Here, Maj gives us a peek into his day-to-day at Mejuri, his vision for the future of men’s jewelry and how he went from stacking novice to expert, all while wearing our latest Stone Edition.

What does an average day look like for you? 

A typical day will start with waking up the twins and getting them ready. We’ll have breakfast and coffee together then I’ll make time for a quick 20 minute workout, some breathing exercises and it’s off to get the work day started. I block the first hour of my day to get some thoughts out and reflect on what’s coming up, ideas, goals for the day in what I call “morning notes”. I ask myself questions like, ‘What’s on my mind?’ and ‘What am I grateful for?’ and ‘What are three things I need to get done today?’ and free write my answers in an app called Roam Research, which automatically organizes as I go.

Most of my day at Mejuri is spent in meetings—I’m constantly context switching. In one day, I might go from new vendors to interviews with potential senior hires to having one on ones with my team and setting up our new retail stores. Generally, I’m behind the scenes, but have my hands in many different areas of the business. 

How do you define success?

Most people view success as reaching a monetary milestone or winning in life’s many competitions (work, business, entertainment and sports). We think of athletes like Lebron James, entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and so on. In reality, success comes in many forms. Think of Gandhi, think of Satoshi Nakamoto [the person credited with creating bitcoin] who created one of the most disruptive technologies since the internet. I like Naval Ravikant’s idea of success as being relative: we define what is it for us and it’s more internal than external.

On a completely different note, how would you describe your personal style?

I’ve never thought seriously about my personal style before, but I guess it’s Silicon Valley meets Italy: comfortable easy-to-wear pieces paired with high fashion classics. Most days that looks like Air Force Ones and a bomber jacket. 

Why did Mejuri launch a men’s collection? 

It was a natural transition for us. We’ve always carried variations of styles that were on the bolder side. Once our community expressed a desire for bolder pieces that they can wear and that their partners and friends could wear too, we knew it was something we were going to do.

Was jewelry always something you wore or was it something you became interested in when you started Mejuri?

I always wore a piece here and there but nothing like I do now. I like keeping things simple and expressive, always having pieces that are special to me in some way. Right now my collection has grown to include multiple rings, signets, bracelets—you name it.

Did the pieces you love end up influencing the men’s designs and collection? 

Necklaces were always an easy one and that was something I already wore pretty regularly. We really wanted to include signet rings because they’re such a staple signature piece in any men’s jewelry collection. The Onyx Square Signet Ring was actually inspired by a ring I have worn forever, and our wedding bands are inspired by the simple bands Noura and I chose for ourselves before Mejuri.

What are the pieces you wear every day?

The Onyx Square Signet Ring and Onyx Pendant Necklace, the Round Box Chain Bracelet, Square Box Chain bracelet and my wedding band

Do you have any pieces of jewelry that carry any specific meaning? 

My wedding band! And I’m planning on getting one of our pendants engraved with my kids’ initials on it. 

Is there a style of jewelry you still really want us to make? 

Definitely more chains and I’d love to have some more color variations and different gemstones along the lines of our latest drop.

When it comes to styling jewelry, do you have any tips or tricks for men who might think jewelry isn’t for them? 

The most surprising thing about styling fine jewelry was how easy it is. I never thought I’d be the person saying this but my advice is to build a stack. You can wear two or three bracelets together and it will look cool and intentional. Find similarities in what you are wearing and be okay with breaking the rules and choosing different metals and materials. You can also just start simple with a necklace, a signet ring and a bracelet that you can pair with a watch. 

Back to your daily work habits… What are your go to websites and apps for productivity?

The main three are Roam Research, Slack and Gmail. Throughout the day I’ll toggle between Asana, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon News, Feedly and, of course, Google Drive. I also wear an Apple Watch which I use for sleep tracking, email and the Health app.

What do you listen to while you’re working?

I listen to all sorts of music. I like Kaytranada and old school hip hop like Biggie, Tribe Called Quest and Jay-Z. In the evenings I like switching to some jazz.

Any favorite podcasts? 

I used to listen to a lot more than I do now. I’ll alternate between Justin Kan’s The Quest, Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale and Science Vs. These days, I mostly jump into Clubhouse rooms. 

What keeps you going during the work day? 

Coffee, water and coconut water—the holy trinity. When it comes to food, I’ll eat whatever is in front of me, so it’s best to keep things a good distance away. I love salty snacks and once I start going, I can’t stop.

How do you wind down after work? 

In the evenings I like to disconnect completely, I’ll usually play with the kids and hang out with Noura. We’ll watch a movie together or read. I’m always reading multiple books at the same time. Right now I’m between three books: Breath by James Nestor, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl and Thoughtfully Ruthless by Val Wright.


Photographed by Renée Rodenkirchen

Styled by Jillian Vieira

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