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How the Fine Crew is Celebrating Lunar New Year

February 2, 2021Trending

Hello, Year of the Ox! This year’s celebration might look and feel a little different, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t dial up the festivities with something new and something gold—often considered a symbol of good fortune for the year ahead.

To celebrate, we asked five Fine Crew members to share how they’re ringing in new year—and the golden picks that are getting them into the holiday spirit.

VANESSA LI @vanessaa_li

“To me, Chinese New Year means family. Growing up as a first-generation Chinese-Australian, Chinese New Year was and continues to be one of the only times in the year where my whole extended family is able take time off and gather together to celebrate.”



“My intention for this upcoming year is to be open to new and different paths. It is also a time to connect with family over traditional food, which I plan on cooking together with my parents this year.”


VERA WU @jus_vera

“This Lunar New Year, I’ll be FaceTiming my grandma and asking her how to make one of my grandpa’s signature new year dumplings. When I was a kid, I had those tasty dumplings every holiday to bring more fortune in the Chinese New Year.” 


FONG MIN LIAO @fongminliao

“Chinese New Year is always a magical time of the year for me. This year will be a little different given the current global circumstances, as I am unable to visit my family. However I see it as an opportunity to reflect more on what I wish for my intentions to be for this year and beyond.”


KAYLEIGH LI @itskaykayleigh

“This year is a bit different, so I’m planning a New Year dinner with some friends. Drinks, delicious Chinese food, close friends—not traditional but definitely precious time well spent.”


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