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How to Shop for Holiday Gifts Like a Stylist

November 5, 2020Trending

If there’s anyone to look to for holiday gifting advice this season, it’s Monikh Dale. The London-based stylist and influencer known for her breezy looks, impeccably curated wardrobe and to-die-for investment pieces, has what you’d call a good eye. A quick scroll through her Instagram showcases looks featuring clean cut lines, strong basics, asymmetrical dresses and perfect billowing sleeves. The same goes for her jewelry—she cycles between minimal, bold pieces and understated, barely-there essentials. It’s true everyday fine. “My style is really simple—I’d rather be underdressed than overdressed and I love simple, effortless pieces,” Monikh says. “It's exactly the same for my jewelry.”

Whether you’re stumped for gift ideas or adding to your own look, Monikh is here to share some wisdom when it comes to the top five gifts she’s giving this holiday season—from herself, to everyone on her list. 

Oversized Thin Hoops

“They’re ultra-thin and super light so it feels like you’re not wearing anything. I never want to fuss or move anything around my hair so I love these cause they're a quick, easy way to dress up something simple. They’re my favorite pieces and something I will have forever. They’re ageless and timeless—my number one gift to give to anyone.”

Bold Spheres Bracelet

“I haven't seen anything like this bracelet. It’s bold yet delicate with the spheres sliding up and down. The shape of it makes it so interesting. This is a cool gift for someone who already has minimalist pieces and could use something different.”

“The Oversized Thin Hoops are ageless and timeless—my number one gift to give to anyone.”

Vermeil Bangle 

“My must-have fail-safe gift is the Vermeil Bangle. It's so simple and effortless—perfect or your friends, your mom, your sister. This is that type of bracelet that they can wear with anything, never take off, and it will represent a really nice memory. There is beauty in simplicity.”

Chunky Band + Thin Dôme Ring

“Quite bold but super simple, both of these rings are really clean and minimal. I'm obsessed with the Chunky Band, I think it's really cool—and with the Thin Dôme Ring on your pinky, it’s just gorgeous. And you can mix gold and silver together for any look.”

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