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Meet the Couple with the Home & Style of Our Dreams

When it comes to aspirational living, Toronto-based fashion stylist Jackie McKeown and Fran Miller, founder of cult-favorite skincare brand F. Miller, seem to have mastered the art effortlessly. The stylish duo are a fixture in Toronto’s creative community—just check their IG feeds for endless inspiration. Their minimal-androgynous style and bright and airy home filled with handmade and vintage furniture are the kind of everyday easy going glamour that makes up our designers' mood boards. Here, the couple gives us a peek into where they find their own inspiration, the stacking tips they live by and their equally stylish dog, Bagel.

How long have you been together and how did you meet?

F: It will be 8 years in October. We met through mutual friends at The Beaconsfield, the bar where Jackie was working at the time. I would come in for the 5 to 7 special after work and stay longer than necessary. Jackie would cut hearts out of orange zest and put them in my drink.

Jackie wears Tiny Pearl Necklace and Turquoise Round Signet Ring; Fran wears Small Chunky Hoops, Baby Box Chain Necklace, Round Box Chain Bracelet, Vermeil Bangle and Thin Dôme Ring

What is the most memorable gift you have received from one another?

J: The signet ring Fran designed and had custom made for me for our first christmas together. 

F: Jackie surprised me with a winter weekend trip to Prince Edward County which included a visit to a farm to hang out with a litter of piglets that had just been born. 

Can you tell us about what you each do for work?

J: I'm a fashion stylist. I love finding inspiration in unexpected places and figuring out how to translate those ideas into something new through clothing.

F: I own a brand called F. Miller, a line of botanical skincare essentials. I love that I have the ability to work with plants to create uncompromising products that prioritize quality, thoughtful design, and holistic timelessness.

Jackie wears Double Curb Chain Bracelet, Turquoise Round Signet Ring, The Band, Boyfriend Stacker and Thin Croissant Dôme Ring

Tell us everything about your dog.

F: His name is Bagel, he's our most special stinky guy who we naturally treat like our human baby. 

J: He's an Aquarius, his favourite foods are oranges, cucumbers, and potato chips, and he refuses to go outside if there is one drop of precipitation. He sleeps sandwiched between us and can typically be found sleeping on his favorite chair during the day, unless there's food around.  

How do you balance work/home life and make time for each other?

F: Our lives are very intertwined, both with home and work life. Figuring out that balance is honestly challenging at times, it's very much a work in progress. Our favorite moments are early morning coffees on the couch or leisurely walks to the park, when we can enjoy each other's company in the calm of the day, before the inevitable chaos begins. 

J: We try to be intentional in setting boundaries otherwise our brains are respectively always caught up with work stuff—setting times when our phones go away, cooking meals together, day trips to just be in nature or working on a home project with no other distractions.

At Fran and Jackie's home; Vermeil Bangle, Thin Dôme Ring, Round Box Chain Bracelet, Dôme Ring and The Band

 Most prized homeware?

F: A pair of Donald Judd-inspired chairs that Jackie made last winter during a pandemic woodworking phase. 

J: An antique ratchet floor lamp I found at a favourite vintage shop, I love how handmade and imperfect it is. 

What’s your philosophy on balancing form and function?

J: Our tastes are extremely mixed when it comes to the pieces we bring into our home. We favor form as we're both very visual people yet certain aspects of our space and life force us to prioritize function, ie. choosing a furniture palette that conceals dog hair. We do our best to acquire as intentionally as possible, really considering the longevity, purpose, and timelessness of items beyond just being in love with them. 

F: Form ultimately follows function for us, both in our home and in our personal styles. We would rather hold out and wait or save up for the thing that perfectly blends beauty, comfort and usefulness—consistently striving for less, but better.

Fran wears Round Box Chain Bracelet, Vermeil Bangle, Dôme Ring and The Band

How would you describe your personal style? Do you ever feel compelled by trends?

F: Utilitarian and comfortable, a mix of feminine and androgynous, playful but classic. Sometimes compelled by trends but usually too lazy to be swayed by them. 

J: I dress for my mood and gravitate towards menswear and vintage, drawing inspiration more so from past eras, current collections and designers I like rather than current trends.

Jackie wears Small Hoops, Single Mini Hoop, Tiny Pearl Necklace, Double Curb Chain Bracelet, Thin Croissant Dôme Ring, The BandBoyfriend Stacker and Turquoise Round

What are your favourite Mejuri pieces right now?

J: The Tiny Pearl Necklace—I've been loving beaded necklaces for a while now, this one is a nice subtle version for daily wear. I'm also always drawn to classic signet rings, the Tiger Eye Square Signet feels unique and pairs really well with my other jewelry. 

F: I love wearing a single chunky stack, The Band and Dôme Ring combined are my favourite together. Also really into the classic simplicity of the Vermeil Bangle for summer, on its own or stacked with one other.

Fran wears Round Box Chain Bracelet, Thin Dôme Ring and Small Chunky Hoops

What are your tips for styling jewelry?

J: I've always been a ring person, and usually have something on almost every finger. The key is balancing a variety of shapes, sizes and textures so they all work well together. 

F: I'm more of a minimalist, typically only wearing two or three pieces at a time. Balance is a priority for me as well—making sure larger, statement pieces are far enough apart from each other on the body so it doesn't feel overdone, and taking the garment I'm wearing into consideration when choosing jewelry.

Fran wears Round Box Chain Bracelet and Thin Dôme Ring 

What role does sustainability play in the things you consume? 

J: I prefer to wear/use as many vintage and upcycled pieces as I can in my own personal wardrobe and when styling. Incorporating local brands and designers is also important to me as I appreciate knowing where and how the clothing is made and extend this ethos into selecting furnishings and objects for the home.

F: The majority of the pieces in our home are thrifted, antique finds or pieces we've made ourselves. We take care to prioritize sustainability and consciousness in general, from the daily products and food we purchase to the way we extend the life of our belongings rather than discarding them. Every small bit counts, it's an ethos I've always lived by and one that I built my business upon as well.

How does your interior design taste correlate with yourpersonal style? 

J: My love for vintage pieces, pops of color, and designer staples in my wardrobe equally translate to how we design our space. Unique pieces with a history always feel most special to us, both in clothing, accessories, and design. 

F: We definitely lean towards a mix of high/low across the board and share a love of classic design punctuated with interesting, quirky elements.



Photography by Graydon Herriott

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