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How to Choose The Perfect Band

Who said bands were only for the “marrieds”? If you love it, then you love it—right? At Mejuri, we’re big on celebrating milestones of all kinds—and that’s truly the only reason you need to pick up a piece you’ve been eyeing. 

Whether it’s for that traditional stuff, a promotion, you went viral on TikTok, in the name of self-love or because you finally wore real clothes instead of PJ’s…the list goes on. And, so does our curated selection: there are 20 new bands to choose from: one for every style, for an abundance of occasions. Read on for a hot take on each, detailed by Britt Gelineau, our Senior Manager, Product Marketing (and expert on all things treating yourself-related).


Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up, and sometimes, only 14k solid gold will suffice: “Hey, it’s Friday. I wanted this. It’s an impulse purchase, treat-yourself piece. It can also be used for best friendship rings, but even if you guys break up, it’s still just as thin and frivolous. Frivolous forever.” Need some more rationale? A subtle, everyday band is just quite practical. 

The ideal occasion: “You made it through your first week back in the office in person.”


A versatile piece you can gift (or keep all to yourself). It’s an heirloom in the making. “The price point lets you gift yourself without feeling guilty. Or send the link to your partner and say, ‘This is the present you’re buying me,’ no romance necessary.” Or here’s a strategic option in the form of a middle of the road statement: “You know when you go to a restaurant and you buy the second cheapest bottle of wine because you’re a ‘connoisseur’? This is that ring.” Since you’ll wear it every day, the cost per wear is basically free. You’re welcome.

The ideal occasion: “Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, your pet’s adoption birthday... Save this for an event or occasion where someone else can be involved. It’s gonna last forever.”


If being bold is your mission, this band in our sleek Smooth design or elevated Curve design is the right decision: “You want to make a statement but you don’t wanna do the diamond for whatever reason. If that’s you, then you’ve found the one. And congrats—you will never lose this because it’s that big! You can probably see it from space.”

The ideal occasion: “It’s a big statement; fit for a promotion or raise. A ‘gettin’ the gold’ kind of thing. Every time you look at it, it’s like, Take that to the bank! Money, money, money.


For the handy, reckless folks, meet our lightest, strongest and most durable material. “You’re defying typical style tropes; you’re an artist, a graphic designer, etc. You’ve chosen it on purpose, which is a statement in and of itself. It’s the least reactive material ever. It’s grungier.” Even more reasons to wear it every day, without a care in the world. 

The ideal occasion: “You’re Sydney Sweeney and you’re working on your cars in your garage. You’re probably a beer drinker; maybe you did your first home brew. You’re a musician, playing your first sold out show. Or you’re into art galleries and might even own one.”


The simple fact is that you love diamonds and want to wear them all the time. So, we designed slimmed-down versions of everyone’s favorite eternity styles. “A sleeve of tattoos doesn’t always have to have a meaning. It’s an artistic choice. What’s the meaning behind it? Nothing. And if this is your vibe, we say go for it.”

The ideal occasion: “This is for picking up a glass of champagne and making sure everyone sees it on IG. If you’re married, add to what you have and stack for extra texture. But it’s also fun for single people—it makes its own statement."


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