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Prosper in Gold: How Our Community is Celebrating Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is a time to reset, feast and reunite with loved ones. It’s also a time to usher in health, wealth and prosperity with thoughtful gifts and lots of gold. With this year being the Year of the Tiger, it’s all about the bold, playful and confident. 

We reached out to friends of Mejuri to ask how they’re celebrating. From well-loved traditions to new intentions and symbolic fine jewelry, see how they’re ushering in the new year with a little help from something gold.


CHOI LEUNG, Artist and founder, The Young Girl Project

"My intentions for the new year are to speak my truth, empower others to do the same, and prevent child sexual abuse by creating awareness—it’s the mission of The Young Girl Project. When I learned to focus on changing myself and not others, I felt so much happier, and in sharing my journey through art, I hope to encourage others to do the same. Lunar New Year is also a reminder to leave some things in the past, be present, and have fun!"

Pictured above: Engravable Necklace, Winged Coin Pendant, Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace, Bold Stacker, Bold Beaded Diamond Eternity Ring White Gold, Bold Beaded Diamond Eternity Ring and Heirloom Ring Garnet


"I love the Heirloom Ring in Garnet for the Lunar New Year as red symbolizes good luck and fortune and garnet for spiritual protection. The Winged Coin Pendant also makes me think of ethereal love and flying above self-limitations, and that’s the energy I want to take into the New Year." - Choi Leung

Pictured above: Heirloom Ring Garnet, Pavé Diamond Slim Signet, Bold Vermeil Bangle and Vermeil Bangle

Pictured above: Heirloom Ring London Blue Topaz, Thin Croissant Dôme Ring, Thin Dôme Ring, Bold Spheres Bracelet and Curb Bracelet

"While I don’t necessarily wear any heirloom pieces on a regular basis, I love the idea that I’ve started my own collection of gold jewelry that will last for years to come. I’m hoping to add the Pavé Diamond Bold Hoops to my collection soon." - Steph Ling


ANN ZHU, Fine Crew

"Happiness, togetherness, abundance and determination are all the feelings that I feel during the new year. I’m so grateful to be able to celebrate Lunar New Year with my family every year."

Pictured above: Bold Vermeil BangleVermeil Bangle, Charlotte Bold Ring, Pavé Diamond Slim Signet Heirloom Ring Garnet and Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace


JENN TARDIF, Founder, 3rd Ritual 

"There is an amazing children's book called 'Bringing in the Lunar New Year' by Grace Lin that beautifully outlines the rituals we've come to revere: sweeping the floor (symbolic of sweeping out the old year), coming together to share a meal (usually dim sum), and dragons (I caved a few years back and bought a vibrant hanging one that descends from the pendant above our dining room). Chinese New Year is also a call to acknowledge and celebrate our heritage, lineage, and tell stories of our family and how they immigrated from China to Canada and paved the path for us to follow in."

Pictured above: Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Pave Diamond Slim Signet, Charlotte Bold Ring, Charlotte Ring and Pave Diamond Thin Dome Ring

"I chose the garnet as my 'something red' for Lunar New Year, which is said to bring good luck and I'm a fan of laying pieces that still allow me to work with my hands, play with my daughter, and move without restriction." - Jenn Tardif


PAUL KUNWOO LEE, Interior Designer 

"It’s a tradition for my family to make tteokguk (rice cake soup) in preparation for the new year, and it’s always delicious. Aside from gathering over some hearty food, it’s important to visit and pay our respects to our elders as well— I always feel an extra sense of gratitude around this time of year."

Pictured above: Bold Pearl Hoop Earrings, Bold Pearl Pendant Necklace, Chunky Hoops, Pave Diamond X Ring, Heirloom Ring Garnet, Pave Diamond Thin Dome Ring, Essential Pearl Necklace and Anchor Chain Bracelet

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