A new tradition of luxury.

Usually, when it comes to buying jewelry, women have two choices: expensive classic pieces or costume jewelry that’s cheap, but, well... cheap.

We wanted to be the exception.

With Noura’s three generations of knowledge in the fine jewelry industry and Justine’s creative experience working with some of the worlds top fashion brands, we figured if there’s anyone who can start a jewelry revolution and get it right, it’s us.

So we set out to make jewelry that honors the beauty of the everyday.

To start, we stood on the shoulders of giants.

Growing up around fine jewelry taught us one very important lesson: classic jewelry manufacturing techniques can’t be beat.

So we use manufacturers we know personally, luxury jewelry experts who have been in production for decades. These relationships mean that all of our pieces are crafted with time-honored intricacy, made with precious, enduring materials, and hand finished. Always.

It’s the one jewelry tradition we were happy to continue. As for everything else, we had some plans for reinvention.

We said au revoir to the middlemen.

Knowing our manufacturers means we deal directly with them, not with a network of distributors who are all taking a piece of the pie. That’s why our jewelry doesn’t cost a fortune.

And how we do what we do.

Then we forgot everything we ever learned about the old world of seasonal releases and small designers teams.

We opened up collaboration with designers and style icons the world over.

From the eccentricity of London to the elegance of Paris to whimsical Los Angeles, we work alongside talent with a wide range of styles, who share a commitment to exploring the relationship between the classic and the modern.

So every month there is something here you’ve never seen, that you can’t get anywhere else.